Normally, we provide you with a fun look behind-the-scenes of One Woman Shop at the end of the month. (We know you spend the whole month looking forward to our behind-the-scenes column, don't lie.)

But, in honor of the end of Location Independence Month, we thought we'd highlight everything that happened throughout July across the internet.

There were digital nomads across the world showing us their days as location-independent business owners on Instagram. There was a fast-paced #OWSchat over on Twitter. There was non-stop pinning on Pinterest. There were funny back-and-forths about those "you know you're a digital nomad when..." moments.



You know you're a digital nomad when...'re in the most exciting and beautiful place ever, but you end up spending the day inside, sitting on the floor and trying not to move – because you found that one spot where the wifi actually works -- @marthehhagen

...your criteria for accommodations includes distance to nearest internet cafe -- @thetessblankenship

...your biggest hotel pet peeve is the wifi speed, not the number of pillows or the water pressure -- @seebrittwrite bring your laptop camping. -- @moonstruckinmt guard your laptop like it's your life -- @bucketlistbombshells

...the thought of being in your home region for six months makes you feel hella claustrophobic and you impulse buy a ticket to Guatemala [or insert other country here] -- @msemmamcg

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