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Location Independence Month at One Woman Shop

Here at One Woman Shop, there's a lot to celebrate: It's Friday. It's a fresh month. AND, we're psyched to kick off our third annual Location Independence Month, where we highlight stories of fellow location-independent and digital nomad solopreneurs, debunk myths related to taking your biz on the road, and share resources for capitalizing on your location independence.

Fun fact: Location Independence Month actually started as Location Independence Week here at the Shop, way back in 2014. After building our incredibly community, not limited to our email list, our blog readers, or our Instagram Baton holders, we soon realized how important the topic of location independence is to solopreneurs, everywhere. So when we brought it back in 2015, we quickly had enough content to consume a month -- and here we are, again, wondering how we'll fit it all in!

Here's what you can expect from One Woman Shop during Location Independence Month:

...and even more!

Since that hasn't quite kicked off yet, and we know you're probably hankering to get your hands on some location-independent content, we thought you might appreciate a roundup of what's already available:

Read up:



And finally, a reminder: We know that full-time travel + being a digital nomad isn’t a lifestyle for everyone. When we talk location independence, we mean setting up your business to have more choice in where and how you work. And if full-time travel is something you aspire to, we’ve got your back there, too!

Stay tuned! And, it's still not too late to get involved. Use the hashtag #OWSdigitalnomad on social media to share your own stories with us, and see a few other ways to get involved here.

Happy July 🙂

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