Stuck on Building That Next Big Thing? A Tip: Create What You Need.

Stuck on Building That Next Big Thing? A Tip: Create What You Need.

Stuck on Building That Next Big Thing? A Tip: Create What You Need.

Stuck on Building That Next Big Thing? A Tip: Create What You Need.

There’s something we mentor our coaching clients and members on nonstop here at One Woman Shop: that you, as a solopreneur, are your first and foremost client.

It seems that without that constant reminder (that everyone needs), it’s easy to keep working in your business and forget that you deserve to work on your business. And it leads to your business often falling by the wayside.

But lately, we’ve seen another reason that it’s important to see yourself as your primary client: because it might just be what you need to get you past that persistent imposter syndrome that digs its claws in and just won’t let go each and every time you’re trying to create something new.

The question you’ll likely be asked

When your inner naysayer does decide to pay you a visit while you’re in creation mode, here’s what you’ll probably hear the most:

“Who do you think you are…”
…to be creating this workbook?
…to be teaching this subject?
…to be coaching these clients?

Fill in the blank with whatever illustrious doubt your imposter syndrome instills in you.

Then, keep this in mind: often times, you’re exactly the person who needs it.

Creating what you need

One of my (Sara's) favorite authors of all time, Ann Patchett, shared this sage advice in a NY Public Library podcast episode (that was an enlightening, inspiring, and hilarious conversation with Elizabeth Gilbert): “Write the book you want to read.” Likewise, Liz Gilbert preaches in her book, Big Magic, that we need to create for ourselves, not others.

So when you’re questioning who you are to create this, and who in the world is going to listen to what you have to say, be selfish -- and create what you need.

Cristina built a 16-page outline for Building Your Online Community nearly overnight because it’s something she’d preached and coached on but knew we could better implement at One Woman Shop.

I, Sara, created Kickstart Your Content because I’ve helped others build effective content strategies and killer blogs, but couldn’t seem to kickstart my own.

And we both went heads down creating our latest product, The Solopreneur Sanity Handbook, because if there’s anything we’ve learned over the past year of intense work at One Woman Shop, it’s that we need all the help we can get when it comes to taking care of our well-being and staying sane as solo business owners.

Put your work to use

The beauty of this approach is this: Not only does it get you past the mental barriers of believing that you’re unfit to create what you’ve set out to build; it also truly solves a problem you have. So once you’re over the hump of creating what you need, practice what you preach and use it.

Go through the lessons of your e-course; hunker down with the workbook; do the work. Not only will you better your business (your #1 client), you’ll also improve what you’ve created when you put it into action.

Take that, imposter syndrome. Who am I to create my next product or service, you ask? The perfect candidate, indeed.

Your turn: What do you tell that pesky imposter syndrome when it's holding you back from creating?

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Sara Frandina is a New York-based copywriter + editor with a relentless love of words and an insatiable appetite for books, travel, and popcorn. She runs her own One Woman Shop, curing the ails of lackluster copy at while also happily serving as Content Editor + Co-Head Honcho here at OWS.
  1. Resumés ? Waiting until I’m fully certified before starting to advertise my services. One of the only ways I feel confident. I don’t like that, but like you said, there’s that baggy feeling of “who am I” getting in my way.

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