2016 Solopreneur Success Bundle: $1607 resources for $99!

Head’s up: The 2016 Solopreneur Success Bundle has officially closed. (We're sad, too.)

But for those of you who acted during the five days it was live, we thought perhaps it might be helpful if we showed you how to make the most of it.

After all, when you purchase the Bundle, you get instant, lifetime access to 20 products, courses, and tools for your solo biz.

That’s a lot.

And while it’s no secret that we wanted to get the Solopreneur Success Bundle into the hands of as many solopreneurs around the world as possible because it’s quite possibly the best opportunity to level up your biz with amazing resources, there’s something we really don’t want: to see that Bundle sit on your metaphorical bookshelves, collecting dust.

Instead, we want to help you put these products, courses, and tools to use as you kick ass and grow your business.

Which is why we turned to our contributors to ask for their best advice for putting their products into action and generating the best results possible:

  • From Brittany Berger, creator of The Productivity Power-Up Workbook: “Don't just use this once. Your productivity is always evolving. Your work changes, your tools change, you can slip back into old bad work habits or develop new ones. I'm always paying attention to my productivity through time and task tracking, and go through the questions and everything in this workbook with myself a few times a year.”
  • From Indigo Colton, creator of Hire Your VA in 1 Week: “My best piece of advice for going through Hire Your VA in 1 Week is to trust your gut! Bringing someone else into your business is a very big deal, and it's not a decision you want to feel uncertain about.”
  • From Kerstin Auer, creator of tools for better RETREAT: “You can get the most out of this retreat by doing what you can with what you have, and by being good to yourself. It’s not a competition. If you’re having a bad day, cut yourself some slack and try again tomorrow. Be good to yourself. It’s self care, not self punishment!”
  • From Kathie Wiehanne, co-creator of BluChic themes: “Building a site for your business idea is not an overnight process. The end product is as much a journey as it is a destination and waiting for things to be perfect will only hold you back and have you feeling frustrated with the process. There is always time to review and make changes to your site, so just start! Install the theme, setup, add your content and launch! We believe when it comes to launching a website, done well is better than perfect (perfecting can come later).”
  • From Marianne Manthey, creator of Blog Beautiful: “Take your time to really do the homework and fill out the worksheets. The 50 steps can be done in whichever order you choose; use the handy checklist to check off the tasks you've already completed.”
  • From Sarah Morgan, creator of Create. Profit. Party!: “Don't wait forever to get started or to launch. Give yourself a week for affiliate promotions; a month for an ebook; no more than three months for a course. Done is better that perfect (how many times do we need to hear that??) and you'll learn from students and customers as you go. The great thing about building digital products: you can always edit and adjust as you get feedback. Just launch and see what happens!”
  • From Shay Cochrane, creator of SC Stockshop: “There are many images in the shop to choose from and that can be overwhelming for some! Our Shop-by-Color feature makes it very easy to narrow down to images that will work with your brand palette and aesthetic. If it is your first time to the shop, the Start Here page will help get you excited about the possibilities and help you to get a vision for how styled stock can really elevate your brand!”

And our best advice for tackling the Bundle as whole?

  1. Review the products, courses, and tools in the Bundle and decide what can help you right now vs. what you’ll table for later.
  2. Design an action plan for tackling those courses and products by priority.
  3. Schedule time on your calendar to go through the content and put it in action. (We like setting aside a certain amount of time per day or per week.)
  4. Find an accountability partner who is also working her way through the Solopreneur Success Bundle. (Might we suggest joining One Woman Shop and finding an accountability partner via our members-only Facebook Group?)

Remember, the smaller the steps, the more celebrations you can have as you cross tasks off along the way. #nailedit

To solopreneur success!

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