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Day in the Life of a Mompreneur

Welcome to Day in the Life, where we peek into the lives and schedules of solopreneurs and freelancers. Today we’re chatting with Julienne DesJardins, a virtual assistant at and very new mompreneur.

Julienne DesJardins - baby Luke

6:30 am: I sleep until the baby (Luke) tells me it’s time for his breakfast. Spending quiet time with him is such a nice and relaxing way to start the morning. (And being home with him is one of my favorite things about being a One Woman Shop!) Towards the end of his feeding, he gets sleepy and closes his eyes so I grab my phone and sneak in some work while he finishes up. This usually means checking my Twitter feed and replying to emails.

7:45 am: Luke is all cleaned up and usually takes a short nap around this time. That means it’s time for my breakfast. I’ve had to become intentional about eating breakfast in the morning because I tend to forget. I eat the same thing every day -- coffee, toast and an apple with a bit of cheese. (I’m not sure there’s anything better than fruit and cheese!)

8 am: I grab the baby monitor and head to my office. (We recently bought a house, so no more working in the living room for me -- it’s a dream come true!) I finish checking my email and then open Insightly, my CRM. This is where I keep my task list, so I know exactly what I need to get done each day. I always start by linking up in the promo threads of my favorite Facebook groups for entrepreneurs, like Freelance to Freedom Project and Savvy Business Owners. (These link ups drive a lot of traffic to my site and help me find fresh content to share on social media!)

8:30 am: Break time! By the time I finish my “promos” for the day, Luke needs to eat again. (These breaks always involve a quick diaper change and some extra cuddles.)

9:30am: When he’s done eating, the baby and I like to play with his toys and read some of his favorite books. (He loves Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? by Dr. Seuss!) I’m able to enjoy this time every morning because I’ve planned for it the night before. I do things like make a to-do list for the next day and answer some short client emails to get them off my plate. This way, I can enjoy my baby time with no hesitations or stress! (That, to me, is the perfect solopreneur life.)

11 am: By now, the baby usually eats a quick snack before falling asleep again. 🙂 I lay him down and head to the kitchen to grab a quick lunch. I love things that are grab-and-go for this time of day, like yogurt or my favorite homemade muffins.

11:15 am: I’m settled in now and focused on direct client work. (I like to do a little bit of work for each client every day. This keeps me from falling behind on projects. I keep a list of their names in my planner and cross them off as I wrap up what I need to get done for them.)

12:30 pm: The baby wakes up around now for his lunch! I text my husband a few pictures of silly faces he makes while getting his diaper changed.

1:30pm After eating, and reading a few more books, the baby falls asleep again. This is his longest nap time, which means it’s my most productive time of the day.

1:35 pm: I take a break to throw in a load of laundry. This gives me a chance to take a walk and stretch my legs. Plus, I always feel super productive when the laundry is going while I finish my work for the day. There’s something about being able to multitask that feels like such a mom/business owner win for me.

1:45 pm: I get back to my client work. I use a project management tool with all my clients, so I start there when I’m ready to get back to work. Most of them use Asana, so I keep it open all day. I open each client’s workspace and jump into the tasks assigned to me for the day.

3:45 pm: The baby wakes up ready to eat. Just like in the morning, I usually reply to some emails after he’s closed his eyes toward the end of his feed.

4:30 pm: My husband (James) comes home and takes over for me. He spends some time with Luke and finishes getting our dinner ready. Having a 50-50 partner is key for me, personally, to making my business run. I usually take these few minutes for a little self-care. I have a snack and watch a few minutes of one of my favorite shows on Netflix. (I usually watch reruns of Gilmore Girls or Parks & Rec!) Even a few minutes of quiet time makes a huge difference for me.

5 pm: I pick one client project to work on for a bit before eating dinner. This is usually something that’s easy for me to start and stop -- like curating content for social media.

5:30 pm:The baby and I both attempt to eat dinner simultaneously! (It gets a little crazy.) I sneak a few bites in while he’s eating -- and then finish up while James burps him.

6 pm: I get some client work done that I wasn’t able to complete the during the day. I also prep for the following day. I sleep so much easier knowing I have a plan!

8 pm: The baby eats again before going to bed. I usually put my phone away for this one. My husband sits with us, and he and I catch up on the day.

8:30 pm: When Luke’s done eating, his dad changes him and puts him to bed. I grab my laptop and work from bed while I wrap up a few more tasks. (I know, I know -- that’s not a great habit!)

9 pm: Self-care alert: I have to make a conscious effort to save my energy and stop the habit of working all night long. I check back in and take a few minutes to wrap up my day. I look at email, Facebook and Twitter again. And then I close up shop for the day!

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Julienne DesJardins works with solopreneurs who are ready for major growth in their businesses. As a virtual assistant, she helps her clients design systems that allow them to turn their attention away from the small details and back to the big picture. Her “no project too small” philosophy means you’ll find packages that are customizable to fit your business & budget. Visit her website or connect with her on Twitter and Instagram.

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