Sara -- AKA the Co-Head Honcho of One Woman Shop, resident copywriter, and "Mint" to me (Cristina, her business partner) -- is celebrating her birthday today! Last year, I wrote a pretty darn accurate summary of Sara: "this girl is, well, the shit."

But, instead of harping on all of her amazing qualities for the second year in a row (but you can still read them here), I thought we could all celebrate her in a new way, with a playlist. Think of it as a mix tape for the new generation.

Sara's Birthday Jams

Sara:  Here's a playlist that encompasses so many things we discuss on a regular basis -- remembering to Shut Up and Dance when things are stressful, celebrating our Freedom Song as solopreneurs, and never forgetting that I'll Be There for You! P.S. Is it too late now to say Sorry for always getting Justin Bieber stuck in your head? 😀

Happy, happy birthday, Mint! 

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