The Benefits of a “Coming Soon” Page (+ 3 Templates!)

one woman shop's launch list landing page

Whether you're just starting your solo business or you're launching a standalone product or service, setting up a "coming soon" landing page pre-launch can help you showcase your brand, build anticipation, and collect email sign ups.

We did exactly that before the official launch of One Woman Shop -- and had over 200 subscribers on launch day because of it! We've come a long way from this:

one woman shop's launch list landing page

(Okay, some things don't change -- like that iced coffee from Starbucks that's constantly by our side.)

Since we think your time is probably best spent on things like direct email outreach, starting to grow your online community, and brainstorming ways to incentivize sharing -- not poring over hundreds of potential landing page templates -- we'll leave just a few below for you.

Emma Theme -- BluChic

If you know us, you knew we were gonna start with a BluChic theme. (So darn predictable, aren't we?) The Emma landing page theme has all of the features we love about BluChic (customizable, chic, and responsive, just to name a few things) with a much smaller price tag: just $9 USD.

coming soon wordpress template bluchic

Coming Soon -- Boutique WebDesign Studio

Grab this theme from one of the shops on CreativeMarket for just $8 USD. If you're feeling lazy (#nojudgment), make use of the included background images (like the one below) or upload your own to better showcase your brand-to-be.

coming soon 2

Alissa -- azmind

If you have a set launch date, use this theme to publicly count down to launch day with a big, bold ticker. Another bonus? Social media icons help build your online presence during your ramp-up period.


Don't wait until your product/service is ready -- start building anticipation now!

Happy launching!

PS -- Publishing + promoting a "coming soon" page is key to overcoming the "build-it-and-they-will-come" mentality. Start spreading the word now!

Disclosure: We will receive a commission on sales bought through the links above. As always, we only promote products that we think will better your solo biz!

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