Behind the Scenes at One Woman Shop in May

Behind the Scenes at One Woman Shop in May

Each day, we work with fellow One Woman Shops taking their solo businesses to the next level. (How lucky are we?!) We love getting glimpses into how others run their businesses, so we thought it only fair to show you how we run ours! Without further ado, we present to you: this month’s Behind-the-Scenes at One Woman Shop!

Things that we made happen in May:

  • We’ve been letting new ideas for this year’s Solopreneur Success Bundle marinate throughout the past year, but we did our first official 2016 brainstorming session for the Bundle in May! One big change? We’re crowdsourcing this time around!
  • Preparation for Location Independence Month is underway! (Want to get involved? Find out how here.)
  • Another successful Shut Up and Write session is in the books -- three straight hours of non-stop writing FTW! Stay tuned for several full-length posts, as well as a boatload of Shop Talk (read: short-form) posts.
  • We reached out to 100 Best Sites for Solopreneurs winners who were also active on Instagram and asked them to carry the #OneWomanShopBaton. Follow along with their days using the #100BestSites hashtag. If you love their sites, you’ll love seeing a day in their lives!

Fun additions to the Rainy Day File

  • “THE WOMEN OF OWS ROCK!!!” (Editor’s note: We do not disagree!)
  • “Thanks for letting me hold the baton again. I always love doing it because I feel like I can share more of my day with an audience who really cares about what goes on in the day-to-day of a mini-business owner 🙂 Keep up the good ladies rock!”
  • “I can't believe I can make anything outside of a W2 wage, it really blows my mind. I know I never would have gotten this far if I hadn't invested into this community... seriously! You ladies are awesome :)”
  • Thanks for the opportunity and all of the support you ladies provide. It’s a solo mission but we’re all in this together!!”

Where we struggled:

  • Finding any sort of routine was tough this month, as Sara had a few long weekends traveling (to Buffalo for niece time and Florida for a bachelorette), and Cristina spent a week in Italy. (For the record: We are not complaining!)

What we blabbed about:

Most popular posts:

What we’re most looking forward to in June:

  • Doing an in-depth review of all the submissions we’ve received for the Solopreneur Success Bundle + sending cold emails to other potential contributors (We <3 those cold emails! Weird, we know.)
  • Preparing a re-activation campaign for our email list to clean it up and building our action plan for moving over to ConvertKit (posting here for accountability!)
  • Another month of travel -- see our notes, below!

What we (+ our community!) are pinning:

Song on repeat (via Spotify):

  • Cristina: Duele El Corazon -- Enrique Iglesias
  • Sara: Can’t Stop The Feeling -- Justin Timberlake (It’s a non-stop dance party.)

This time last year:

A quick note from Cristina:

It’s safe to say that my trip to Italy far exceeded my expectations! A week of girl talk and silliness with two of my best friends from college, overindulging in food + wine, trying to speak Italian (with some interesting results), and beautiful beachside views. Back in the US now -- the countdown to my sister’s wedding is on! And I must admit, it’s nice to get back into a routine and eat healthy food (including -- gasp -- vegetables) again 🙂

A quick note from Sara:

I’m not sure I’ve ever been more grateful to be a solopreneur. It allowed me two days off to spend time with my nieces (current count: three), then a long weekend celebrating a friend’s bachelorette in Orlando (and reverting to our 12-year old selves at Disney, minus the drinking around the world). My one full week of work amounted to me being in bed for half of it with a massive sinus infection, but I bounced back in time to complete my second half marathon this past weekend -- a major feat (and such a mental game). The countdown for me: 1.5 weeks until Petey, myself, and two of our best friends head to California for a 12-day baseball vacation, including a drive down Highway 1. 🙂

Your turn: What were amongst your highlights + lessons learned this May?

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