Behind the Scenes at One Woman Shop

Behind the Scenes at One Woman Shop

Each day, we work with fellow One Woman Shops taking their solo businesses to the next level. (How lucky are we?!) We love getting glimpses into how others run their businesses, so we thought it only fair to show you how we run ours! Without further ado, we present to you: this month’s Behind-the-Scenes at One Woman Shop!

Things that we made happen in April:

  • We created our very own hashtag (+ corresponding desktop wallpaper!) for the One Woman Shop community. Use #OneWomanShopLife on social media to show us how you work + play as a solopreneur!
  • You can now get access all of our freebies in one fell swoop by signing up for mailing list, rather than downloading them individually...we’re calling it the OWS Freebies Vault. (Because we like to feel like Harry Potter sometimes…) Already on our list? You’ll be getting vault access soon!

And, of course, our biggest project of the month: 100 Best Sites for Solopreneurs!

  • We made more of an effort to take into account different forms of content (think: podcasts and Blab videos) outside of just written content -- we figured if we were always praising different forms of content, we should highlight them on the list!
  • We were so surprised by how easy the compilation of this year’s list felt. (Still time intensive, and still involved wine, though!) We credit this to replicating last year’s best practices, having more nominations, and growing into our One Woman Shop voice more.
  • We ended up shifting some of our “repeat offenders” (read: those who were on the list last year, too) into different categories because their focus had changed -- just shows that as business owners, we can evolve but still stay awesome 😀
  • Want more? See us chat on video during a Blab about #100BestSites (link below)

Fun additions to the #100BestSites Rainy Day File:

  • “In the interest of gender equality, men: please feel free to benefit from this, too.”
  • “Thanks so much for having us - and for making sharing the news so easy. We'll make sure to get the word out and check out some of the other amazing resources you have pulled together for us all.”
  • “Thank you so much! I'm flipping out. This is amazing news!”
  • “I came across your awesome (dare I say epic?) post on the 100 Best Sites for Solopreneurs this morning.” (Editor’s note: Yes, you may call it “epic.”)
  • “ goal is to be on this list next year! Thanks for giving me something to work towards -- and GREAT LIST!”

...The list goes on. One of our favorite things? Watching people congratulate each other publicly!

General Rainy Day additions:

  • “THIS IS SO SUPER HELPFUL!! THANK YOU!” (A response to the follow up coaching notes we send each client after each session.)
  • Tweet from OWS member, Sara Lloyd: “Had a great phone call the other day w/ a gal from #OWS community. ANOTHER great reason to be a member.”

Where we struggled:

  • It sounds silly, but we genuinely missed the adrenaline of a chaotic launch. The 100 Best Sites launch went pretty smoothly (minus a technical issue early in the AM that Sara had to deal with because Cristina wasn’t awake #earlybirdproblems #eastcoastproblems).

What we blabbed about:

This month’s Member Spotlights:

Most popular posts:

What we’re most looking forward to in May:

  • The start of a deep dive into the behind-the-scenes nerdery of One Woman Shop’s email marketing funnels, Google Analytics tracking, site changes, and more
  • The start of outreach for the Solopreneur Success Bundle (whatttt?)
  • Travel! Sara is heading to Florida and Cristina is heading to Italy (then to the US!). Oh -- and Sara is pretty psyched to get her 1/2 marathon over with!

This time last year:

Song on repeat (via Spotify):

  • Cristina: Dirt Off Your Shoulders - Jay-Z
  • Sara: I Love Me - Meghan Trainor + Lunchmoney Lewis

A quick note from Cristina:

Nothing too thrilling to report here -- just in the midst of lots of life + business prep before I jet off to Italy to meet up with two of my best friends from college and then fly to North Carolina for my sister’s wedding! One lesson? It’s amazing the amount of stuff you can accumulate in a year! Also, I’m thrilled to be back to writing a personal blog and Instagramming 🙂

A quick note from Sara:

I've been seeing April through new eyes...quite literally. I kicked the month off with LASIK surgery (but still consider myself a four-eyed nerd, no worries!), and couldn't be happier with the results. (I even got my first pair of legit Ray Bans now that I can wear sunglasses every day!) Over at my solo biz, I launched a new opt-in series all about content marketing, and am psyched to be kicking off a #justwrite challenge in May. In personal news: My 1/2 marathon is four weeks away!

Your turn: What were amongst your highlights + lessons learned this April?

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