2016 Solopreneur Success Bundle: $1607 resources for $99!

Truth: We’re nosy people.

We ask a lot of questions. We’re always digging a little deeper. And we love, love, love going behind-the-scenes of as many business owners’ lives as possible. (Exhibit A: the way we pass our Instagram account amongst business owners via the #OneWomanShopBaton.)

As the nosy people we are, we couldn’t wait to learn even more about the 20 creators and products behind this year’s Solopreneur Success Bundle. So, we asked. Then we thought up a few fun facts of our own.

Without further ado, here are seven fun facts you might not know about the products, courses, and tools in the Bundle:

  1. “The name for the Productivity Power-Up workbook came from imagining Super Mario. I think of productive habits like power-ups in the video game. Different habits make you faster, stronger, and smarter. And when you combine them all, you're invincible. Although to be honest, I'd rather fight my way towards a castle full of cupcakes than one measly princess, no matter how cool Peach seems.” - Brittany Berger, creator of The Productivity Power-Up workbook
  2. “It is estimated that a total of 120 Rice Krispies bars, scones, and lattes/cappuccinos were consumed during the creation of this retreat.” - Kerstin Auer, creator of tools for better RETREAT
  3. “Since our themes are designed for female entrepreneurs, we name them based on female names. Instead of going random, we go from A to Z (so it's more organized for the Type A in us) -- Adelle, Beverly, Chamomile, Dorothy...See the pattern there? ;)” - Kathie Wiehanne, co-creator of BluChic themes
  4. “The name of the book came out of a naming contest I presented to my readers. 'Blog Beautiful' was by far the best suggestion and I still love it” - Marianne Manthey, creator of Blog Beautiful
  5. “We think it’s pretty darn awesome that small business that use SC Stockshop styled stock are using the same images that huge brands like Lauren Conrad, Bride Magazine, Vogue, Whippy Cake, IPSY and TheKnot Magazine are all using as well!” - Shay Cochrane, creator of SC Stockshop
  6. Last year, One Woman Shop was able to invest $1,570 into women-run projects around the world through Kiva, via Bundle sales alone. (We take $10 from each.and.every.sale. to invest.) From Paraguay to Tajikistan and El Salvador to Kenya, you’re helping us spread the One Woman Shop support worldwide.
  7. The Bundle takes approximately four months and a few hundred emails to pull together. This year, we have 20 contributors and over 100 registered affiliates -- meaning a whole lotta communication. #goodthingwelovenetworking

If we could somehow also tally how much wine has been consumed in the coordination of the Bundle (including this week’s launch, alone), we would. But, alas, some things are better left not measured. Agreed?

One last fun fact for you today: This year’s Bundle is made up of 20 products, courses, and tools collectively worth over $1,600 -- and it can be yours for just $99, for two more days, only. (See: giant ticker below.)

Check it out + grab yours!


To solopreneur success! (And lots -- and lots -- of Rice Krispies bars + wine…)

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