The 2016 Solopreneur Success Bundle - 20 products worth over $1600 for just $99!

The saying, in this case, is true: All good things must come to an end.

The 2016 Solopreneur Success Bundle, packed with 20 products/courses/resources that cover launching, creating passive income, pricing your products and services, running Facebook Ads, streamlining your email marketing, managing your finances, mastering Google Analytics, and so much more, wasn’t just good -- it was great -- but unfortunately, we could only offer it for five short days.

Even still, the best way to bulletproof our careers as solopreneurs is to keep learning -- but hours and hours of Googling only leads to rabbit holes that take us until next Tuesday. (But soooo many fun GIFs.)

There's a solid chance we'll bring back the Solopreneur Success Bundle next year -- but we'd hate for you to wait that long to get a few fantastic resources that'll help you start + level up your solo business. So, naturally, we have a solution:

Get the One Woman Shop Bundle -- a roundup of four One Woman Shop-created products worth $204 -- for $99 now!

Whether you're starting or leveling up your solopreneur biz, there are a few things that are incredibly important: the community that surrounds you, the content you create that gives you a voice, the confidence you need to control your finances, and the productivity and self-care that keeps you sane.

And, by buying the One Woman Shop Bundle, you'll be taking the first step to kick ass in all of them.

Get it here!

And if that just isn't enough, you can still get your hands on the products featured in the 2016 Bundle. Grab 'em below!


Matt Giovanisci - Asana for BloggersAsana for Bloggers - Matt Giovanisci (Value: $25)

What it is: Run your blog more effectively so you can focus on growing and earning money. Matt walks you through his Asana (a free project management tool) setup for managing his own blogs so you can get organized and better at managing yours.

What others say about the course: "When I saw Matt's Asana set up, my mind was blown. His system made sense. It saved me hours of frustration. If you want to be organized and get better at managing your blog, it’s a no brainer." - Jason Moore

About Matt: Matt Giovanisci is an entertaining entrepreneur, website wizard, podcast producer, music maker, video veteran, and alliteration addict. Since 2006, Matt has created successful online brands including,, Listen Money Matters Podcast, Driven Podcast, and his new project,

Marianne Manthey - Blog Beautiful in the 2016 Solopreneur Success BundleBlog Beautiful – Marianne Manthey of Design Your Own (Lovely) Blog (Value: $24)

What it is: This beautiful 178-page ebook is more than just a book with a list of tips: It's a self-paced course for creating a professional looking blog without spending thousands. The PDF features checklists, worksheets and tutorials to hold your hand every step of the way from blog ugly to blog lovely.

What others say about the ebook: "I dove right into the book and couldn't be more thrilled. I'm only on page 14 and realized exactly the direction that my blog needs to go. I'm so pumped and can't wait to see what else is in store!" - Kate Voda

About Marianne: Marianne Manthey teaches and inspires female solopreneurs to beautify their blogs DIY-style via tutorials, resources, examples, and feedback on her blog and via her closed Facebook group for subscribers.

Kathie Wiehanne - BluChic WordPress templates in the 2016 Solopreneur Success BundleBluChic WordPress theme - Kathie Wiehanne, BluChic (Value: $79)

What it is: Feminine WordPress themes that take your website from forgettable to fabulous. You’ll feel confident that your website is attracting and converting the right customers for your business. All themes include unlimited support, theme updates, and installs.

What others say about the themes: "I am not a web designer, or even majorly technical, but found the theme very manageable and straightforward to work with. And whenever I got stuck, the tutorials and support were superb." - Natasha Johnson

About BluChic: BluChic was born in 2012, out of Kathie & Andrew’s search for niche-chic WordPress themes. Since then, they’ve been matching their strengths and skills to create premade WordPress themes for creative female entrepreneurs that are as beautiful as they are functional.

Sara Funduk - CourseCraft in the 2016 Solopreneur Success BundleCourseCraft Pro Upgrade - Sara Funduk, CourseCraft (Value: $98)

What it is: Creating an e-course on CourseCraft is easy; two Pro upgrades will make the experience even better. Each upgrade gets you unlimited participants, unlimited uploads, a customized URL, the ability to bundle your courses, and free custom branding.

What others say about the platform: "It was a breeze to create my course and my customers find it easy to use. I would highly recommend CourseCraft as a simple and effective way to get your course online and earning you revenue!” - Kim Vopni

About Sara + CourseCraft: Sara started CourseCraft in 2012 to give people an easy way to create and sell their e-course. Nowadays she types one-handed while holding a baby and still loves helping people realize their e-course dreams.

Jess Freeman - Create a Year's Worth of Social Media Graphics in the 2016 Solopreneur Success BundleCreate a Year's Worth of Social Media Graphics - Jess Freeman, Jess Creatives (Value: $29)

What it is: Take your social media graphics to the next level. This 26-page PDF guide is for entrepreneurs and freelancers like you, who are frustrated by a lack of engagement, and want to create beautiful, branded social media graphics that make you look like the pro you are.

What others say about the workbook: "I really loved this book. Jess's solid, in-depth advice about what makes a good graphic is priceless. It's like having a designer right there to give you feedback! I learned so much from this." - Jordan Hansen

About Jess: Jessica Freeman is an award-winning graphic and web designer, and the owner of Jess Creatives. Jess works with service-based entrepreneurs to create a brand that shines.

Sarah Morgan - Create Profit Party in the 2016 Solopreneur Success BundleCreate. Profit. Party! - Sarah Morgan, XOSarah (Value: $29)

What it is: Create. Profit. Party! is a 100-page start-from-scratch guide to creating passive income, so you can build products and programs that will not only be valuable to your audience and enhance what you’re already putting out there, but also allow you to work less.

What others say about the ebook: "Just finished Create. Profit. Party! and I'm feeling inspired, educated and ready to start creating." - Sarah Oleson

About Sarah: Sarah Morgan is a digital strategist teaching creatives, bloggers and small business owners to build a kick-ass online presence. She helps people build a home online that not only provides a stable income but fuels their passion for what they do without busyness and stress.

Bianca McKenzie - Facebook Ads for List Building in the 2016 Solopreneur Success BundleFacebook Ads for List Building - Bianca McKenzie (Value: $297)

What it is: A step-by-step, 6-module course for creating, testing and getting results from your Facebook ads. No more second guessing. No more spending hours looking for the answers. Grow your mailing list faster and with confidence.

What others say about the course: "With this course, you will have a system that you can replicate over and over to research, design, build, track, test and tweak your FB Ads for results, time and again." - Lorraine Hamilton

About Bianca: Bianca McKenzie demystifies marketing strategy and optimizes lead generation for entrepreneurs, big dreamers, movers and shakers so that they have more time to do what they love and be the changemakers they dream to be.

Melissa Bolton - Get Famous - DIY PR in the 2016 Solopreneur Success BundleGet Famous - Melissa Bolton, The Mogul Mom (Value: $37)

What it is: Great publicity is for everyone, not just huge brands. Get Famous teaches you the same strategies Melissa used to get into O Magazine, Fitness, American Baby, Entrepreneur, Parenting, Access Hollywood, and more.

What others say about the ebook: “This is a must have for any serious business owner who wants to learn how to do their own PR. It’s a small investment for the mad skills you will learn.” - Kathy

About Melissa: Melissa Bolton is the owner and Editor-in-Chief of The Mogul Mom. Armed with over two decades of sales and marketing experience, she offers insights, inspiration, and empowerment for solopreneurs and micro-business owners.

Rebecca Tracey - Get Paid! Learn how to price in the 2016 Solopreneur Success BundleGet Paid - How to Price Your Packages and Services - Rebecca Tracey, The Uncaged Life (Value: $35)

What it is: Get Paid is the mother of all how-tos for determining your prices. Navigate the ins and outs of what to charge and why, how to make sure your packages get you the income you need, and all the nitty gritty on guarantees and payment plans as you fill your pockets with Benjamins.

What others say about the e-course: "I actually got paid well by real live clients and doubled my rates!"

About Rebecca: Rebecca Tracey is the head/only honcho at The Uncaged Life where she teaches service-based business owners how to get more clients online. She loves helping people cut through the BS of online marketing and learn what it actually takes to make it work.

L Bee and the Money Tree in the 2016 Solopreneur Success BundleThe Grow Your Money Tree Toolkit - Lauren Bowling, L Bee & The Money Tree (Value: $7)

What it is: An ebook and companion Excel file that includes everything you need to know to strategize, grow, and track your income.

What others say about the e-course: “I bought the toolkit for personal and professional reasons. I've started implementing the tips and tricks and am very pleased with the changes. I'm looking forward to seeing the impact on my bottom line.“ - Dannie F.

About Lauren: Lauren Bowling is the blogger behind L Bee and the Money Tree and host of the award-winning web series, Awkward Money Chat. Blogging since 2012, Bowling is now a recognized thought leader in the millennial finance space.

Val Geisler - Growing With Groups in the 2016 Solopreneur Success BundleGrowing With Groups - Val Geisler (Value: $97)

What it is: Growing With Groups is a 10-module, DIY-course designed to help you navigate marketing your business in Facebook Groups without feeling sleazy, salesy, or silly. No more wasting money on ads or hours popping around Facebook trying to figure things out.

What others say about the e-course: "I knew FB Groups could take my business to the next level but wasn't sure exactly how. I'd been stalking the groups to see how others 'did it' but I didn't feel comfortable stepping out until I had the best guidance. Growing With Groups was just what I needed." - Jessica Gulley-Ward

About Val: Val Geisler is a Digital Strategist with a passion for creative entrepreneurs. Her clients love shaking off the weight of the day-to-day and finding the space and time to build their dream businesses full of happy customers and endless referrals.

Indigo Colton - Hire Your VA in 1 Week in the 2016 Solopreneur Success BundleHire Your VA in 1 Week - Indigo Colton (Value: $97)

What it is: The step-by-step course that walks you through the process of finding, interviewing and hiring your dreamiest virtual assistant.

What others say about the e-course: "The course really diminished the confusion I had around hiring a virtual assistant. I had no idea how easy (and inexpensive) it was to build a team around my business." - Cole Hennen

About Indigo: Indigo Colton is virtual assistant turned online business manager for creative online business owners. She worked as a virtual assistant for over two years, and during that time realized the need for a simple, streamlined process to hire a virtual assistant.

Sarah Eggers - HTML + CSS Crash Course in the 2016 Solopreneur Success BundleHTML and CSS Crash Course for Creative Bloggers - Sarah Eggers (Value: $129)

What it is: Make simple and engaging design changes in your posts, pages, and overall design, all within your blog’s built-in editors. Learn the basics of web design through 25 online lectures that come with in-depth cheat sheets, so you can just copy and paste to get that gorgeous look on your blog.

What others say about the ecourse: "Thanks for putting this class together! I'm using the Genesis framework and am excited that I can now create gorgeous landing pages!" - Carlysa Jackson

About Sarah: Sarah is a web designer with a passion for teaching. She specializes in building sites for creative bloggers and small business owners, and also runs a blog that gives web design tips and hacks for bloggers.

Farideh Ceaser - The Launch Playbook in the 2016 Solopreneur Success BundleLaunch Playbook - Farideh Ceaser (Value: $98)

What it is: The Playbook is a digital guide that will lead you through all the elements of a launch in an easy step-by-step manner, with checklists, budgets, calendars and more -- all in one place.

What others say about the Playbook: “I sold 10x over my goal and grew my list by 30% with Farideh on my launch team. There is no way I could have done that without her help. Launching is hard. Farideh is a life-saver.” - Leah Kalamakis

About Farideh: Farideh is a launch strategist and musician who helps those treading the uncommon path. Whether it’s helping you expand your business, launch an online course, or fulfill your creative destiny, Farideh is here to help.

Brittany Berger - The Productivity Power Up Workbook in the 2016 Solopreneur Success BundleThe Productivity Power-Up Workbook - Brittany Berger, Blog Bolder (Value: $19)

What it is: The Productivity Power-Up workbook walks you through a productivity audit for your business. With over 50 questions and exercises, you'll pinpoint what's holding you back from getting shit done and build a game plan for taking back your business from wasted time.

What others say about the workbook: "I have seriously learned so much from Brittany's productivity advice! I never realized how much time I was spending on the little tasks, but they really add up. I'm now getting a whole lot more bang for my buck." - Krista Miller

About Brittany: Brittany Berger is a freelance content marketer and productivity junkie who will help you work brighter, smarter, and with a little more color.

Leah Kalamakis - Streamline Your Email Marketing in the 2016 Solopreneur Success BundleSet It & Forget It - Leah Kalamakis, Freelance to Freedom (Value: $247)
What it is: An online course teaching you advanced email marketing strategies and funnels to automate your newsletter and sales.

What others have to say about the e-course: "Leah has managed to take an overwhelming subject and turn it into a simple step-by-step process. Set It & Forget It will help you turn your boring/inconsistent newsletter into a powerful selling tool." - Nathalie Doremieux

About Leah + FTF: Leah Kalamakis is a web designer and founder of The Freelance To Freedom Project. She helps entrepreneurs have beautiful online homes and freelancers find freedom as creatives.

Shay Cochrane - SC Stockshop credit in the 2016 Solopreneur Success BundleSC Stockshop photo collection - Shay Cochrane, SC Stockshop (Value: $49)

What it is: A styled-photograph pack from the original styled stock photography shop. SC Stockshop has the highest caliber of styled stock images by professional commercial stylist and product photographer Shay Cochrane.

What others have to say about the photos: "My little print shop business doubled in revenue the first two weeks I used Shay’s images.” - Courtney Kirkland

About Shay + SC Stockshop: After eight years as a wedding and portrait photographer Shay felt her passion and creativity beginning to wane. After a lightbulb moment, she decided to jump headfirst into styling and product photography with SC Stockshop.

Christina Scalera - Terms & Conditions for your website in the 2016 Solopreneur Success BundleTerms & Conditions and Privacy Policy template for your website - Christina Scalera (Value: $79)

What it is: Did you know that without a privacy policy on your website, you could be breaking federal law? Use this customizable template to protect yourself and your business!

What others have to say about the templates: "I've used Christina Scalera's templates as my business evolved from a side hustle to a full-time pursuit and from a one-woman shop to a full firm. Her templates were incredible to use as a foundation. I never felt unprotected." - Dannie Fountain

About Christina: Christina's mission as a lawyer for creative entrepreneurs is to help them fulfill their life's work by creating beautiful businesses from the inside out. She provides the creative world with accessible, affordable legal solutions.

tools for better RETREAT - self-coaching and yoga in the 2016 Solopreneur Success Bundletools for better RETREAT - Kerstin Auer + Danielle Bertoia (Value: $79)

What it is: tools for better RETREAT combines coaching and yoga for complete self care on your terms, without leaving your home. This virtual, self-paced retreat gives you essential tools for self care, delivered in 8 lessons consisting of podcasts, videos, transcripts and worksheets.

What others say about the retreat: "Kerstin + Dani have the ability to combine an amazing holistic experience for both body + mind without the extra fluff. The sessions were a perfect balance of speaking to my professional desires while encouraging me to focus on finding balance in my life." - Ashley Brooks

About Kerstin + Danielle: Kerstin is a freelance writer, coach, and reformed grudge holder. She developed tools for better: self care and coaching solutions for better. Danielle is a yogini, star gazer, truth hunter and wisdom weaver, using the elements above and below to restore health and radiance to the feminine form.

Shannon Mattern - Google Analytics in the 2016 Solopreneur Success Bundle5-Day Website Challenge + Using Data to Grow Your Biz - Shannon Mattern, WP*BFF (Value: $54)

What it is: Learn how to build an entire WordPress site with 5 step-by-step video tutorials and worksheets, then discover how to drive traffic to your site and leverage Google Analytics data to get yourself in front of even more people who need what you’re selling.

What others say about the e-course: "I think your courses are really great for the "how"... Every course I have taken until now was about the ‘what.’ You are the missing piece of the puzzle."

About Shannon: Shannon Mattern is a WordPress expert who has helped thousands of solopreneurs build their own websites and then leverage them to get more clients and generate more sales.


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