Solopreneurs: Who Makes Up Your Online Community?

forming community as a solopreneur

forming community as a solopreneur

In less than a week (eek!) we’re releasing the biggest thing since sliced bread 100 Best Sites to our community. It’s called Building Your Online Community -- or #BYOCommunity, for short -- and we’re pretty darn excited to share it with you.

Throughout many several-hour work (jam) sessions, we’ve spent a significant amount of time thinking about what it takes to build a loyal, engaged, and rewarding online community as a solopreneur. During the e-course creation process, we’ve asked and answered a lot of questions. Questions like “why do I need an opt-in?” and “how do I pitch myself for interviews?” -- leading us to create 14 juicy weeks of content. But, really, it all started with one very straightforward question in the first place: just what is an online community when it comes to solopreneurship?

So, here’s our best attempt at answer it -- with one caveat in mind. Just like our philosophy that business isn’t one-size-fits-all, we know that there’s no one answer to this question -- and that’s what makes the prospect of building, nurturing, and expanding your online community so incredibly exciting.

Online community for the solopreneur

Taking a cue from Peanuts, here’s how we define your online community:

Your online community is… the clients you choose to work with.

Your online community is… the people who follow you on social media networks.

Your online community is… the people you follow on social media networks.

Your online community is… the readers of your blog.

Your online community is… the fellow solopreneurs you collaborate and partner with.

Your online community is… the influencers you look up to and the mentors who guide you.

Your online community is… the masterminds, accountabilibuddies, and business coaches who help you grow your business and keep you accountable.

Every solopreneur will have an online community made up of a different mix of people. While no two communities are the same, each is every bit as important to the journey of running a “solo” business.

When is online community important?

Building your online community is an ongoing process -- and one that is never too early or too late to get started. Here are some of the times having an online community will benefit you:

Before you’ve even “started.” Idea just in conception? Building an online community that can provide inspiration, feedback, and mentorship is crucial to getting past the analysis paralysis that holds you back when you’re just jumping in.

At your initial launch. Think you can’t launch your solopreneur biz with a bang? Think again. Having an online community built up from the beginning gives you people to turn to to help you spread the word before you even know where to spread it to.

As you’re initially growing. With each new product, service, or announcement, having an online community to solicit feedback from will provide endless opportunities to learn, as well as to keep you on the right track.

When you’re stuck. Every solopreneur comes to a sticking point. It’s at this time that you’ll find yourself most grateful that you didn’t build your business in a silo -- because it’s your online community that will pick you up and motivate you to come out your funk and get back to serving.

As you’re leveling up. Solopreneurs grow and learn… fast. As you continuously take your business to the next level, it’s crucial to have your online community following, supporting, and pushing you.

Building your online community is an ongoing process

It’s true: building your online community never really ends. Don’t let that thought overwhelm you, though. Let it energize you and give you the tenacity you need to put yourself out there, attracting the community that fits your business best.

Remember: your online community is there both for you to serve and to learn from. It’s the people in your corner on this road to solopreneurship.

#BYOCommunity: coming soon!

Now that that question is answered, we’re bet you’re wondering where to get started. Well, we’ve got some good news for you: our latest e-course, Building Your Online Community, launches in less than one week. Be the first to know by signing up for our mailing list, or become a member today for instant access to ecourses of your choice.

We can’t wait to see you grow the online community that’s going to boost your solo business!

Building Your Online Community

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