Welcome to One Woman Shop Weekly Finds - where we members of the community scour the web to bring you a curated list of posts, links, and resources that we they think will help your business—and maybe even your life! This edition, we’re celebrating the kick off of Location Independence Month here at One Woman Shop!

Honestly? Building a location-independent business might lead to a dreamy result, but it takes a great deal of work upfront. Tom Morkes explains five (and a half) steps to build from the ground up.

For a different take on building a location independent business, Nathalie Lussier shares her story to make you consider what’s realistic if you want to travel and build a business from the ground up.

The location-independence biz life doesn’t always require wi-fi. For inspiration on how other digital nomads make it work, check out this list from Fizzle.co for how 64 people make a location-independent living.

Some will build a location-independent business in order to enable full-time travel. Others simply want the freedom. The Minimalists debunk what location independence is, and how it relates to the minimalist lifestyle.

With a limitless client pool and the world as your office, there’s not much holding you back from working online and traveling the world if you set your mind to it. Cassie + Shay from Bucketlist Bombshells tell you more in this article on Elite Daily.

We love learning from those who are doing. The Next Web took the chance to interview seven digital nomad entrepreneurs who are building a biz while in motion.

A podcast to inspire your location independent action: Dan Andrews’ Tropical MBA. Pop in those headphones and learn from other lifestyle businesses making it work.

your location independence journey starts here

2 Comments on Weekly Finds: The Location Independence Series

  1. Kate Erickson
    July 9, 2015 at 10:41 am (4 years ago)

    Great round up! Love the resources here and really appreciate you featuring a piece from EntrepreneurOnFire 🙂

    • Sara Frandina
      July 14, 2015 at 11:44 am (4 years ago)

      Of course, Kate! Thanks for commenting 🙂


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