Road to Solopreneur Success

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The Road to Solopreneur Success looks different for each and every one of us. The most powerful thing we can do? Share our stories and shorten the learning curve for everyone around us.

So we turned to our community to share their Road to Solopreneur Success -- the ups, the downs, and the lessons learned as they work toward more celebrations each and every day in their solo businesses.

We are super grateful for what they shared -- and can’t wait for you to learn from them, too. Grab your coffee + a pen, and get ready to take notes from these great reads on day four of our Road to Solopreneur Success:

The Road to Solopreneur Success - Nat Real, The Website Superhero

Nat’s getting real on her blog (how perfect that it happens to be her last name?) and sharing her ups + downs of solopreneurship on the road to get to a place where “things are going so well and smooth and cheesecake-delicious that pretty much every moment is bliss.” Yes, please.

Our favorite quote: “The way I see it, it’s up to me to make the decision that will put more Xs in my successes column than in its gloomier counterpart of a column.”

The Sting of Underquoting Never Lessens. But Here’s What I’m Going to Do About It.
- Christine Funke, Spark Virtual Assistance

Underquoting on a project: we’ve all been there. And as Christine shares, the sting is potent. But we love how she’s changed her mindset to a place of learning -- and how experience will only make the future better.

Our favorite quote: “The uncertain feelings have roots in perfectionism (shouldn’t I just be able to do this perfectly from the beginning?) and that may never go away, but having a different mindset has made me feel less stressed.”

The Productivity Tricks That Have Improved My Business - Kayli Barth, The Freelance Hustle

Kayli’s a self-proclaimed scatterbrain -- not exactly the textbook definition of a successful person. Yet she’s got some tricks up her sleeve that have turned her year around. Fellow scatterbrains: try these on for size.

Our favorite quote: “...even disorganized scatterbrains can get it together and be a boss.”

The Road to Solopreneur Success - Danielle Ziegler

Work-life balance is a lot easier to achieve when you don’t try to go it completely alone. Danielle’s sharing how she’s asked for help, implemented no-work weekends, and pivoted to enjoy the road to success in her solopreneur business.

Our favorite quote: “While being a one woman shop is a wonderful thing, it’s okay to get help when you need it.”

On Managing Overwhelm as a One Woman Business - Indigo Colton

Indigo’s a solopreneur and a college student, so she knows a little something about overwhelm. Get her tips for managing it so you can enjoy more success in the journey as a solo business owner.

Our favorite quote: “I track my time for my clients, so why not make myself a client and do the same?”

Who’s Driving Your Bus? - Kerry Swetmon, Life Business Growth

In realizing, two years ago, that her business wasn’t fulfilling her at all, Kerry took a new look at what was holding her back: fear. And in recognizing the purpose fear does have and imagining a life without it, she found her path to solopreneur success -- and wants you to do the same.

Our favorite quote: “Courage battles the darkness on the path to your truth.”

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