Just eight months ago, we introduced One Woman Shop membership for solopreneurs who wanted to upgrade their One Woman Shop experience. Solopreneurs looking for a little more as they embark upon the journey that is building a solo business.

During these months, we welcomed members from all over the world, and have proudly watched membership expand into a community of tight-knit solopreneurs there to offer advice, support, and a celebratory dance when others need it.

But, like any great product or service, constant iteration makes it more valuable. That’s why we’re releasing upgraded membership options today to help you take your solo business to the next level. You see, we’ve been taking copious notes and learning a few (okay, many!) lessons from our members over the last eight months that’ve helped us improve and upgrade membership to what it is today. Members speak; we listen. Here’s what we heard:

Real-time interaction is crucial when we need it most.

Things come up - you land that client; you have a question about invoicing; you aren’t sure about the way you’re positioning your services. You need a group you can turn to on the drop of a dime. That’s why we transitioned our forum to a private Facebook Group (that we lovingly refer to as the FaceGroup) at the end of 2014. It’s now a community of consistent interaction, where Cristina and Sara provide prompts and members regularly start their own conversations.

We need how-tos and resources focused on where we’re struggling in our business.

As part of membership, you gain access to each and every e-course One Woman Shop releases - it starts with the Productivity e-course, and the roster keeps growing. When we heard members struggling with finance for their solo business, we teamed up with Carrie Smith of Careful Cents to build and release Solopreneur Finance: Managing Money on Your Own Terms. When we learned that members were actively trying to build their online communities, we immediately took to the drawing board and begin crafting a community building e-course. And that’s just the start!

We’re looking for partnership opportunities to help us expand our audience.

Whether you’re just starting out and only talking to your mom, or your audience has expanded quite nicely in your years as a solopreneur, we all hit a wall where we feel growth is limited. We get it. That’s why we’ve devised two- and six-month partnership packages for members, to put you in front of our audience. But it doesn’t end there. Members get first crack at guest posting opportunities, the option to be featured in our Member Spotlight series, and the chance to sponsor our growing #OWSchat Twitter party that happens the first Wednesday of each month.

We’d love more face-time opportunities with fellow solopreneurs.

Our members are a talented bunch, spanning a wide variety of skillsets and passions. That’s what makes the collaborations, meet-ups, and connections within the group so powerful. So we look to connect our members as often as possible -- and when we heard a call for more face-time opportunities, we answered. Starting this month, aside from the recorded Hangouts with experts that only members receive, we’ll also be hosting members-only, on-air events like the 100 Social Media Posts Hangout, Forever Task Night, and more.

Members speak; we listen -- and answer.

The benefits of membership don’t end there. Check out our membership page for all the details, and know that with each day, we’re behind the scenes building membership out to be something that truly helps our members kick ass in their solo businesses. (In fact, see what some of our members have to say about it here!)

Remember: going it alone doesn’t have to be lonely. Make One Woman Shop your safety net; your go-to community; the place to know that we’re all in this together.

Are you ready?

We’re actively reviewing applications for membership. Pop on over to our membership page to learn more + apply today. We can’t wait to welcome you to our VIP group of One Woman Shops!

Note: If you’ve considered membership before, you’ll see that we’ve moved from a pay-what-it’s-worth pricing method to two structured tiers, Coffee + Espresso. We decided on the prices you’ll see now to keep it affordable for you and sustainable for us as we build out truly valuable membership offerings. Questions? Happy to answer!

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