Oh, music — what would we do without you? You’re our companion while we’re at our desks typing away; while we’re on the move to a cafe; while we’re sweatin’ it out when we finally make it to that spin/yoga/salsa class.

Music is a huge part of the solopreneur life. It keeps us company; it pumps us up; it provides the ambient noise we need to focus. Here at One Woman Shop, dance breaks are frequent during our half-day jam sessions, and music is constantly playing as we each hunker down to get shit done. (Pardon our French — we told you, music pumps us up!)

In September, OWS went back to school. After all, the learning never ends for a solopreneur. And everyone knows that learning requires a playlist, right?

So, without further ado: your Back to School playlist. Grab a listen via Spotify, get a little boost of gratitude that you get to do this whole solopreneurship thing at all, and get ready for a productive day of getting shit done.

Hold On We're Going Home -- ASTR

Bright Whites -- Kishi Bashi

School's Out for the Summer -- Dust Legacy

Lunchlady Land -- Adam Sandler

ABC -- The Jackson 5

Hot for Teacher -- Van Halen

Kids -- MGMT

We Are Young -- Fun.

Proud Mary -- Tina Turner

School -- Calvin Harris

Campus -- Vampire Weekend

Education -- Pearl Jam

Have a Nice Day -- Stereophonics

A big thanks to Laura Palmer for curating a portion of this list! Have songs you'd like to add? Leave them in the comments below!

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