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We've been admirers of Leah Kalamakis and her online community, The Freelance to Freedom Project, for some time now, and also happen to be huge fans (along with many others) of her e-course, Stress Less & Impress. So, when we were choosing a guest to invite to chat with us about business streamlining, we knew we had to reach out to Leah (it doesn't hurt that she also loves popcorn and wine -- two of our favorite things).

In this 43-minute video, we chat about:

  • The importance of accountability partners + groups
  • What to do when you receive negative feedback about a product or service
  • The benefits of streamlining (they are many!) + how systematizing can benefit any type of business
  • The biggest things preventing solo business owners from systematizing
  • Why it's important to remember that "it won't get better"
  • Where Leah likes to drink her wine (hint: everywhere)

Pop in those headphones and listen and/or watch at your own leisure!

After you’ve listened, tell us one thing that you would like to streamline immediately in your business -- and then hop on over to check out Leah's course or join her community!

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