one woman shop chats with liveThough we run our business almost solely online, we think that live events -- conferences, networking events, workshops, etc -- have a place in the lives of solo business owners. So when we got a pitch from sisters Pauline + Clara that read "...just started a new programme called EventChic for female business owners who are looking to learn how to organise their own events (both virtual and live) to build their brands and connect with their customers," we knew we had to chat with them. (It didn't hurt that their website catered to our love of all things sleek and feminine.)

In this 45-minute video, we chat about:

  • Why in-person events are important to running an online business
  • What types of events you can considering hosting as a solopreneur
  • Kicking assumptions to the side when planning an event
  • The hurdles of creating an e-course
  • The beauty of living by design, not default (yes!)

After you’ve listened, tell us one event that you'd like to host in the near future — and then hop on over to check out The EventChic and the Bliss Lifestyle Collection.

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