When a new member mentioned that she found out about One Woman Shop through the Bucketlist Bombshells’ email newsletter, we asked her to forward us the email feature. We were immediately sucked into all things Bucketlist Bombshells: their tagline and the name of their e-course (Work Online and Travel the World), their fun branding (love the teal!), and their reference to binge-watching New Girl. (Who’s that girl?)

We wasted no time in reaching out to thank them and quickly asked them to join us for our One Woman Shop Chats With… Live series to talk about all things location independence.

In this 55-minute video, we chat about:

  • How strange we entrepreneurs can be (think: silly nicknames and our excessive usage of acronyms)
  • How it's possible (and sometimes imperative) to create routine and community while you're traveling
  • Fresh Mexican tacos + coconut juice
  • The people best cut out to take on the location independent life
  • The greatest fears that hold women back from building a location-independent business
  • The (few) drawbacks of living the digital nomad lifestyle
  • How the Bucketlist Bombshells have built such a strong brand and community
  • The Bombshells’ favorite and least favorite social media channels

Pop in those headphones and listen and/or watch at your own leisure!

After you’ve listened, tell us below: 1) both the best and hardest part about location independence (for our current digital nomads) or 2) what’s holding you back from pursuing location independence (for our aspiring digital nomads).

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1 Comment on One Woman Shop Chats With…Live: Bucketlist Bombshells + All Things Location Independence

  1. Anna long-stokes
    July 29, 2015 at 11:18 am (4 years ago)

    I loved this interview! When I quit my job a few years ago and started my online business I would have loved to find ya’all!

    Can’t wait to check out your site!


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