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It's something we talk a lot about in Building Your Online Community: pitching yourself. It also happens to be what Amanda Berlin, a communications consultant "for coaches and mindful entrepreneurs" is an expert at. She even put it to the test as she pitched us to be a guest on our One Woman Shop Chats With... Live series, and we're so glad she did!

If you've been wondering how to put yourself out there, make more connections, and land more guest posting opportunities, this one's for you. Get a preview of what we cover below, and dive right in!

In this 45-minute video, we chat about:

  • how to become more comfortable pitching yourself
  • what makes for a great pitch
  • finding niches specific to who you are + what you do
  • what to pitch when you're afraid of being "boring"
  • how to write your article as you write your pitch

Amanda's even created a bonus exclusively for One Woman Shop members: a step-by-step guide to telling your story and writing your about page. Get it here!

Pop in those headphones and listen and/or watch at your own leisure!

After you’ve listened, tell us in the comments: where are you going to pitch yourself next?


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