#OWSchat from One Woman Shop

We're a little nervous to admit this, but here it is: we're sick of talking about productivity. (A bit strange coming from the creators of an e-course about productivity, huh?)

Here's the thing: while we love making the most of productivity hacks as much as the next person, sometimes we want to stop talking about the benefits of this project management software or that social media management tool and just get shit done. But it's not always that simple. There are distractions -- both in your business and outside of your business -- that keep you from being the engaged, efficient, kick-ass business owners you are (or want to be). Let's talk about those.

That's precisely what we're doing. Mark your calendars! Today at 9pm EST, we're hosting our monthly #OWSchat -- and it's all about identifying + combatting the distractions that hold us back.

The comparison trap. Family. Social media. We're talking about these and the other (inevitable) distractions that come up, and sharing strategies for making distractions less of a burden on your day, so you can fully own your freedom.

See you TONIGHT, Wednesday, 10/7 at 9pm EST in the Twitterverse!

PS – First ever Twitter chat? We highly recommend using a platform like TweetChat to keep things organized.

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