Desiree JesterWelcome to our One Woman Shop Member Spotlight series, where we highlight what's going on in the businesses and lives of One Woman Shop members. Interested in joining this ambitious group of go-getters? Apply today! Today's Spotlight is on Desiree Jester, blogger and website designer at A Place To Nest.

Tell us about yourself and your business - what do you do + who do you serve?

My name is Desiree Jester. I design and develop websites at A Place To Nest. I create online homes for people with as much warmth, character, and personality as their own real life homes reflect. I mostly work with bloggers, coaches, and photographers, but I love working with small businesses, too. My favorite clients are the ones who have done the DIY route and are not afraid to get in there and really learn what they want, but are now looking for something that fits themselves and their readers like a glove; something that just works without having to think about it. I love clients that have a strong sense of themselves and know what image they want to convey to their audience.

What's one thing people might not know just from reading your website and following you on social media?

I am the oldest of seven children and my youngest brother is 13 years younger than me. Because of growing up in a big family, I know how to get my voice heard, I can organize a crowd like a pro, and I still cook for an army, even though there is only my husband, my son, and I in the house. I seriously loved growing up in a big family and would not trade it for the world!

What's your favorite social media platform and why?

My favorite social media platform by far is Instagram. I found Instagram right after I got pregnant with my son and I quickly found it to be a great way to connect with other people who were going through the same things I was and had the same interests. Beyond just looking at pretty pictures (although I love doing that too and love making my pictures as pretty as possible) I love the sense of community that I have found there over the last three years. My baby has grown up with their babies and it is there that I found my first few clients. There is a strange vulnerability in sharing pictures of your life unscripted with others, but I have found it to be the catalyst for much deeper connections than I have had on any other platform.

If you had to describe yourself or your business in one word, what would it be?

I think the one word I would love to describe my business would be Home. I want my business to create true online homes for people. I work with many people whose business is almost solely online. Those people do not have the advantage of meeting people face to face and letting their personalities shine through. They have to rely on the technology that is being used to contact them. When you log on to a website that I have created for someone, I don’t want you to see “Desiree” stamped all over it. I want you to see the person whose online living room you just walked into. I want you to see their personality, their quirks, and to be able to get to know that person by looking around their “house.” I want you to get a sense of who that person is through their website. That is my goal whenever I sit down to design for someone.

How has running a business changed you?

I definitely have a tighter grasp on time management. 🙂 Really though, I have grown so much in confidence, and in being able to set healthy boundaries. I am definitely what you would call a fixer. I love solving problems and coming up with solutions for my clients. In the beginning of my business journey, I did way over and above what I initially agreed to (for free of course) because I wanted to please my clients. I have learned though that working like that leads to burnout and my clients not getting my best work. Now, I set realistic expectations and don’t mind saying “I can definitely do X work for you, but it will set our timeline back X amount of time and will cost $X.” My clients still feel valued because I give them clear options that they can decide on, and I am not giving away my time and energy for nothing.

Give us a shameless plug for your latest project/product/freebie!

I recently launched my brand new site, with a bunch of new website packages for all budgets and timelines! Please stop by and check it out. My favorite new service is my 1 Week Website Warrior package: with one week and for $500, you can have a warm, personalized, and professional looking website launched to the world!

Thanks for taking the time to share your story with us, Desiree!

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  1. Larissa
    January 8, 2015 at 3:45 pm (3 years ago)

    Great article and good for you learning to axe project creep and not give away your time for free! Nice interview!


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