#OWSchat from One Woman Shop

Mark your calendars: tomorrow, Wednesday, May 6, at 9pm EST, we're hosting our monthly #OWSchat.

This month's topic comes at a prime time for anyone looking to grow their business, expand their brand, or launch new initiatives in the coming months. We're talking creative marketing for your solo business -- something we all need (and only about half of us love). To help us in our fast-paced hour of trading ideas + inspiration, we're super excited to welcome Halley Gray of Evolve + Succeed to the party!

You'll want to be there: Halley's generously giving away three copies of her "Perfect Set of Testes" and one copy of her Sales Page DIY course.

Looking forward to chatting tomorrow, May 6th at 9pm EST!

PS – First ever Twitter chat? We highly recommend using a platform like TweetChat to keep things organized.

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