how the one woman shop partnership began

This is a story, all about how…

Now that we’ve firmly implanted Will Smith (AKA The Fresh Prince) into your head, we thought we’d actually share a story: the story of how we -- Sara Frandina and Cristina Roman, also known as the Co-Head Honchos of One Woman Shop -- met (since behind-the-scenes posts are our thing these days).

This past April, One Woman Shop became an official LLC partnership between us. This was the icing on the cake -- you see, it was an unofficial partnership for just about the past year, and was run solely by Cristina prior to that.

So how did two solopreneurs in different parts of the country end up teaming up to co-run a community for other solopreneurs?

It all started with an opt-in. As a career coach, Cristina created a downloadable worksheet that helped professionals determine their career priorities. Sara, a frustrated 9-5er on the verge of making her leap into full-time solopreneurship, entered her email and snagged the freebie.

After receiving an email from Cristina about career coaching services, Sara booked a session and we jumped on a coaching call. After learning about Sara’s interest in freelancing (and giving her pro-tips regarding invoicing, legal contracts, and more), Cristina suggested that she check out her new site, One Woman Shop. Included in the email was a survey about how much Sara might be interested in paying for a membership to said site.

Sara immediately saw the value of a community + resource hub like One Woman Shop and responded enthusiastically (to say the least), offering to help out in any way she could. Her first guest post landed on the site in April of 2014, and in May, Cristina and Sara hopped on a brainstorming call to follow up on the survey. Just a week later, Sara began writing and editing for One Woman Shop and...

Fast forward a bit and a fun, productive partnership emerged!

Why are we telling you this? For us, the story of how we met online -- and what came of it -- perfectly encapsulates the concepts we present in our brand new Building Your Online Community e-course.

We don’t want to give too much away, but we’ll talk in detail about some of the things you’ve seen here:

  • creating an opt-in
  • promoting that opt-in to those who might benefit from it
  • taking new relationships deeper through phone and video calls
  • collaborating effectively with your new online friends

...and those are just the highlights.

We are solopreneurs. We know the value of community. We’ve built one we’re incredibly proud of -- and we want to give you the building blocks to do the same.

Building Your Online Community

Have questions about building your online community, or the course in general? Join us for our #BYOCommunity Twitter Power Hour on Monday, 6/15 at 9pm EST where we’ll answer your questions live! To submit questions beforehand, email us!

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