mint birthday

The first time that I wrote about Sara, I said:

"Sara is one of those people who just 'gets it' — which is a compliment I reserve for very few people! Not only are her copywriting talents fantastic, but she blends creativity with logic in an effective way to serve as an amazing sounding board and business idea generator as well. In addition, Sara is extremely reliable and always over delivers. I’m proud to call Sara a colleague and a fellow solopreneur.”

None of that has changed in the past seven months, but what I didn't mention -- partly because it probablyyyy wouldn't have been appropriate on a professional testimonial, but mostly because I didn't fully know it fully at that point -- is that this girl is, well, the shit.

For those of you who haven't had a chance to get to know her, do it now. She'll make bad puns with you, spontaneously put on Mint-colored sunglasses when you're not paying attention to the video chat, and have fun using ridiculous hashtags in Gchats. She'll entertain you with funny marriage stories (heyyyy Petey!), obsess over Serial, and listen to your singing (in Spanish).

solopreneurs having fun

She'll also give you killer copywriting advice, ask just the right question to push your business forward, and cheer you on as you grow your solo business.

So, Sara, on your birthday here's to more day-long Jam Sessions, freaking out over Mashable features, late night work sessions with chocolate, popcorn, and wine to get products #shipped, and maybe one day even meeting in-person 😉 But for right now -- here's to massages and roller coasters!



P.S. Sara -- notice the double dashes? You've trained me so well 🙂 #doubledash

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