Day in the LifeWelcome to Day in the Life, where we peek into the lives and schedules of solopreneurs and freelancers. Today we’re chatting with Kiersten Kindred, founder of Kindred Communications, a communications and branding firm in Houston, Texas. Kiersten specializes in communications, media, marketing, and defining brands for medium-sized businesses. Visit her site to download Five Steps to Marketing Success: A Small Business Guide.

Kiersten Kindred7:30 am: I wake up to my alarm song, Rihanna “We Found Love.” I still love that song. As soon as I get up I put on the Today show to see what is going on in the world.

7:35 am: After I lay in bed for about five minutes watching the news, I move to my floor to meditate. My mantra that I say over and over again is “God is love.” I say that on repeat to allow my mind to find my inner peace before I begin my day.

7:45 am: Once meditation is complete, I hop in the shower.

8:30 am: I begin to get my breakfast ready. I clean off a piece of fruit (a plum, blueberries or a banana) and heat up some Cream of Wheat or pour a bowl of Fiber One (with no sugar added). Once the breakfast is ready, I put it on a plate and head over to the table to eat and watch more news.

9 am: After I finish my breakfast, I go to the kitchen to prepare my lunch and snacks for the day, so I won’t have to stop and cook in the middle of the day.

9:45 am: I get on my laptop to check and respond to emails. I often forget how many email accounts I have, so I have to keep a check list of which email accounts I have checked. I keep many email accounts for my personal emails, business emails and fun emails.

10:45 am: As soon as I’ve checked my email accounts and replied to clients, potential clients and others, I get on social media. I try to automate my social media accounts, but it often becomes a mixture of me posting live and automatic postings. When I post automatically, it is great for me because I can proceed with my day and not worry about social media. My favorite tool for this is Hootsuite. I also take this time to look at trends and look for events in the area.

11:45 am: I do a conference call with a client to talk about the communications and branding efforts for the week. I love this part of the day because it so motivating to be able to help businesses improve their branding efforts for their business. It truly is enjoyable to be able to watch businesses grow through communications, branding and marketing efforts. Once I talk to one client, I call the next client and discuss their efforts for the week. I try to touch base with all my clients in some form in the day, so they know they I am on top of things.

1:45 pm: Once I have talked to all my clients, I go to the kitchen to get my lunch and eat it at the table while reading emails. I take a little break to try to eat and sometimes play Lumosity for a mini-mind break.

2 pm: After finishing my lunch, I then prepare my bag and leave to meet with potential clients that I have already researched and prepared a pitch for. I aim to meet with at least 10 potential clients a day, in their offices.

4:30 pm: Now that I have met with potential clients, I arrive back home and get on the computer again to promote my new book (Five Steps to Marketing Success: A Small Business Guide). I promote it on social media, search for media outlets and look for possible speaking engagements.

6 pm: Once I have completed tasks for my book, I look for networking events in my area and surrounding areas. I try to make it a habit to attend at least three networking events a month. I search Eventbrite, LinkedIn, Twitter and use a simple Google search.

7 pm: I head to the gym to have an hour-long workout filled with cardio first (I either get on the elliptical, stair master or treadmill for about 20 minutes) then I do either my legs, abs or arms. I typically do legs and lower body Mon, Wed, Fri and then I do abs and arms Tues and Thurs.

8:30 pm: I arrive home, check my emails and then try to watch TV, talk to family and friends, and prepare dinner. It depends what night it is for what I am watching on TV, but my favorite shows out now are Blood, Sweat and Heels, Power, and Empire. My dinner usually consists of something like salmon, always with two servings of vegetables.

9:30 pm: I write a blog post for my company blog. My blog post will be about branding, communications, marketing or media relation tips.

10 pm: Finally, I prepare for bed and get ready to do it all over again. What a day for Kiersten Kindred!

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