Here at One Woman Shop, the energy is palpable (even though we’re running this show 5,100 miles apart from each other)!

You see, we are just three days away from launching our Building Your Online Community e-course. We can’t wait to get this baby in the hands of One Woman Shops everywhere so they can get to work building and strengthening the online communities that will boost their solo business.

To celebrate the launch -- and connect with you in one of our favorite ways -- we’re hosting a live #BYOCommunity Power Hour at 9pm EST on Monday, June 15th in the Twitter-sphere.

We’re taking questions beforehand (email us!) and will fill in extra time with live questions during the chat! Join in by following the #BYOCommunity hashtag on Twitter (we recommend TweetChat for first-timers!).

Can’t wait to chat soon!

In the meantime? Head on over to the Building Your Online Community landing page to sign up for an email when it goes live on Monday.

Building Your Online Community

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