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Each day, we work with fellow One Woman Shops hustling to go places with their solo business. (How lucky are we?!) We love getting glimpses into how others run their businesses, so we thought it only fair to show you how we run ours! Without further ado, we present to you: this month’s Behind-the-Scenes at One Woman Shop!

A quick note: this edition of Behind-the-Scenes could easily be called Behind-the-Scenes of the 100 Best Sites List, but we decided to break that information out into a separate post. We’ll probably call it Behind-the-Scenes of the 100 Best Sites List -- cause we’re clever like that. Stay tuned!

We like to kick off each month with a serious jam session where we plan out the month’s goals. (As serious as two solopreneurs can be on a Google Hangout, of course). We’re both huge fans of batching, so we make it a set amount of hours of intense focus.

Here’s what April’s jam session accomplished:

  • Discussed a plan for creating merchandise- get ready for some #OneWomanShop swag!
  • Planned out our upcoming Instagram Challenge -- watch for an announcement later this week and mark off Monday, May 18th as the start date for our 12-day challenge!
  • Chatted about and plotted out more ways to grow our community, like running webinars, hosting a Twitter Power Hour, and starting a YouTube channel.
  • Brainstormed a new post series about our philosophies here at One Woman Shop (we kicked it off with the one we consider most important, Business Isn’t One-Size-Fits-All).
  • Planned new forms of member interaction -- and then made them happen (see below)!

New things that we made happen in April:

  • So You Wanna Be a…: A new series where we highlight solopreneurs who’ve built successful businesses doing what they love and want to help you get started. The first edition was a fun one: personal stylists!
  • Speed Dating: We put out a call in the private Facebook group for members who might be interested in “speed dating” with each other via phone or Google Hangout. One pair that did it said it was “awesome chatting about business courses we had taken/are taking, design, and creating passive streams of income.”
  • Rainy Day Circle: We put out a call in the private Facebook group for six members who were interested in a fun, uplifting experiment. Each member who responded was responsible for writing up something nice about the other five participants. The comments were so meaningful (we got to read all of them!) and several people said that receiving their Rainy Day file made their day! (The ultimate goal, of course.)
  • Coworking sessions: Twice this month, we invited our members to join us on live Google Hangouts to cowork. Those who attended said that it held them accountable and made them GSD (that’s get shit done).
  • 100 Best Sites for Solopreneurs: It was a bear of a project (admittedly, we pushed the publish date back a few times), but we got that puppy #shipped just before the end of the month. And ohhhh, did it feel good (we were too tired to celebrate the night we wrapped things up, but we’ve celebrated since then).

How we connected with fellow OWS-ers:

  • 100 Best Sites: Not everyone on the list was a One Woman Shop, but it gave us an opportunity to connect with some awesome solo business owners we might not have known of otherwise!
  • Our April #OWSchat was all about collaboration + partnership. A fast-paced Twitter chat ensued, with Charissa Moore as our visiting expert. New connections (and, dare we say it -- partnerships!) were formed.
  • One Woman Shop Chats With… Live Edition: We asked sisters Pauline + Clara of The EventChic to join us for a call about event planning for your solo business. They’re experts at their craft, and are ridiculously fun to chat with, to boot! (No pressure on future guests for these members-only hangouts, but we have a pretty good track record between Coach Jennie and these sisterpreneurs!)

What we’re celebrating:

  • 100 Best Sites: A project whose scale we didn’t quite realize until we were doing it, but the hours (and hours, and hours) of work were worth it, because it has quickly become one of our proudest accomplishments with OWS yet!
  • Redefining a case of the Mondays: Over in the members-only FaceGroup, we’re using Mondays to do something a little more fun than moping -- and having so much fun seeing it evolve!

Where we struggled:

  • 100 Best Sites: We struggled with several things related to “The List,” but overall, we learned that we had NO idea how time intensive compiling it would be.
  • Overcommitment: We have big ideas and got a bit overzealous this month. We had to push back several deadlines in order to maintain our sanity (and reassure each other that it was okay- good, in fact- to make these kinds of adjustments when need be).
  • Prior to the Hire ebook: When we emailed our previous Prior to the Hire contributors to confirm that we could include them in our upcoming ebook, we got a bit of a different response than what we expected -- and have had to revamp pieces of the book, delaying the process.

Most popular posts:

What we’re most looking forward to in May:

  • Getting back to developing our “build your online community” e-course (lovingly referred to as BYOC in these parts).
  • Forever Task Night: a live, members-only hangout where we tackle that one task that’s been on the to-do list for far too long. Wine and ice cream encouraged!
  • Prior to the Hire ebook: compiling, editing, lay out, and release!
  • Questions for a…: we kicked off So You Wanna Be A… in April, and are back at it with another new series in May! Stay tuned for Questions for a… Developer -- the questions you want to ask before hiring a developer.
  • Instagram challenge: from May 18th-29th, we’re going behind-the-scenes of One Woman Shops everywhere via our Instagram challenge. (Announcement coming soon!)

What was the highlight of your April? What did you struggle with? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. Jessica Lawlor
    May 16, 2015 at 9:49 am (3 years ago)

    This is so fun! Thanks for sharing all of these details. You two are working so hard behind the scenes to make OWS great! Thank you <3


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