The One-Woman Solopreneurs We’re Crushing on This Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day. Stores are decked out in pink and red; flowers picked over; movie theatres packed. (Though we suspect that might be all the ladies eager to see 50 Shades on the big screen…)

Whether you look forward to this day of love or absolutely dread it, we can all agree on one thing: there are some One Woman Shops out there that are seriously worth crushing over.

This week, we opened the floor to our One Woman Shop members, giving them space to gush over the solopreneurs and boss ladies they admire most. Here’s what they said:

“We are the Treasure Hunters exists thanks to Marianne of Free Range Humans. She's the first person I found online several years ago who was championing creating a life and business, on your own terms, rather than needing to fit any pre-determined linear path. I was in the corporate world at the time and her stuff was illuminating. (It still is.)” - Sara Moss, @ispytreasure

“My crush this Valentine's Day is Regina of I consume everything she reads, creates, and sells. Why? Because she puts her heart and soul into what she produces and is genuinely interested in helping others learn her process, tips, and ideas.” - Carrie Smith, @carefulcents

“Secondarily, my vote is for Steph Halligan of Art To Self. (Who's also my real life friend!) Her daily notes have inspired me to start up hand-lettering and give me a daily boost of motivation to love myself and my creative expression.” - Carrie Smith, @carefulcents

“I have two: XO Sarah, because her blog is helpful for developers/bloggers, she's a badass aerialist, and her Sunday Blog Love emails always have awesome links. Then Becky Kinkead because her design course is great, and she seems like someone who'd be fun to work with!” - Tiffany Breyne, @tiffdotcom

Helene Scott is fabulous! She blows me away with the amount of value she provides - even just in her free training & YouTube Vlogs. She gives real & practical action steps that help you infuse YOU in your brand. I also have to add Hilary Rushford. She is so authentic and transparent when sharing tips for growing your Instagram following. (Editor's note: Put those into practice!) And, of course, all the dance parties are awesome.” - Julienne Mascellino DesJardins, @julmasdes

“I'm crushing fellow One Woman Shop member Brittany Berger. I love how her personality shines through her blog!” - Ebonie Townsend, @_ebtownsend

There you have it -- and this is just the short list. One Woman Shops are rocking the online world in 2015 -- let's show them some love!

Which One Woman Shops are you crushing on this Valentine’s Day? Sing your heart out in the comments below!

Weekly Finds

Weekly Finds for the Solopreneur

Welcome to One Woman Shop Weekly Finds – where we members of the community scour the web to bring you a curated list of posts, links, and resources that we they think will help your business—and maybe even your life! This week’s curator: Kerry Burki, supporter and celebrator of creatives everywhere at Handmade Success.

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The rest of the internet will try to lure you away as you get things done to make money, work towards your goals and stay organized. Try the Momentum app to keep you on track every time you try to open a new tab.

Once you are cranking out work, you will want more time to crank out even more work. Start using these keyboard shortcuts for WordPress on a free printable from Going Home To Roost so you can start saving time while you are blogging for your business.

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As much as you love your business, taking a break from it is good too. Join me on the #happymailteam to be inspired by Sophie from Ma Petite Valisette to create and send beautiful mail this year. You can write about your success and share a cheery hello. (Just hit "translate" at the top of the page, unless French is your thing!)

The goal this year: work hard, get organized and take care of yourself! XO!

Finance & Taxes #OWSchat Recap

February’s #OWSchat: Finance & Taxes with Carrie Smith

It's officially tax season, which means we're bringing financial blogger and money maverick Carrie Smith of Careful Cents on as our guest expert during our February #OWSchat.

Join us this Wednesday, February 4 at 9pm EST for a fast-paced hour of all things solopreneur finances and taxes. 

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