We talk to creative professionals every day who want a website that reflects their creativity and style. If a completely custom design isn't in your budget, why not start with a pre-made template? We're not gonna lie -- there are some pretty ugly ones out there (apparently we're not ones to mince words!), but BluChic is not contributing to that list.

They offer dozens of feminine WordPress themes that might be the answer to your website issues. But don't blame us when you buy more than one 😉

If you're an event planner, wedding professional, or another type of creative professional in search of a fitting WordPress theme, BluChic's Geraldine theme might be for you.
wordpress theme for creative professionals

Some of our favorite features:
    • A large featured slider area 
    • Three colorful featured boxes to highlight your offerings, freebies, or testimonials
    • A sleek navigation menu
    • The mint and peach color scheme (which, of course, we're partial to, since we use it too! This can be changed if you're not feeling it)
    • A simple footer where you can collect email addresses and link to your social media profiles

wordpress theme for event planners and wedding professionals (+ other women-owned businesses)

Disclosure: We are part of BluChic’s affiliate program and will receive a commission on sales bought through the links above. However, we are huge fans of BluChic and use their products all the time (including on this site), so all opinions are our own!

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