Welcome to One Woman Shop Weekly Finds - where we members of the community scour the web to bring you a curated list of posts, links, and resources that we they think will help your business—and maybe even your life! This week’s curator: copywriter + editor Sara Frandina.

I'll be the first to admit -- I have a bit (okay quite a bit) of a solopreneur crush on Regina Anaejionu, of byRegina.com fame. This gem of a post, How I Started Making a Full-Time Blogging Income, chronicles her entrepreneurial journey and is perfect for anyone who needs a shove in the right direction.

I consistently tout the benefits of batching -- one of which is getting into your ideal state of flow to really get shit done. This article from Fast Company describes how to hack into your flow state, "quintuple" your productivity, and also produce better work. It's time to get in the zone, friends.

If you've ever felt idea-less when it comes to starting a new side-hustle/biz or ways to expand upon/improve your existing one, I urge you to read this article from Side Hustle Nation: Looking for a Business Idea? Remember to SCAMPER. While there's a ton of great info in there, the idea that really stuck out to me is this: "Most new business ideas are evolutionary, not revolutionary." Keep that in mind.

Author Deirdre Maloney has a bone to pick with us: it's the "twisted and manipulative" way we use the word "earn". Her take is quite interesting: The Seemingly-Virtuous, Often-Dangerous Word We All Use. Are you guilty of this? I sure am.

Considering introducing podcasting into your business? Check out these tips from Amy, of Savvy Sexy Social, when it comes to podcast preparation for newbies. While you're on her site, poke around -- you'll likely find a video that speaks to a need you have. They're informative and entertaining.

My friend + colleague Lisa Landtroop, better known as the "Time Thief Ninja Slayer" just unveiled her free, 21-day bootcamp that begins Monday, 11/3 -- Project Better Life, designed to help you become more committed to intentionality in seven different life compartments. I'm looking forward to using this as preparation for the maniacal holiday happenings coming up!

We hear a lot about multipassionate solopreneurs -- in fact, we encourage it at One Woman Shop. But are you letting your multipassionate lifestyle hold you back? Rebecca from Uncaged Life is "calling you out if you’ve been hiding under the veil of being multi-passionate and not actually making concrete decisions about your business." Be ready to be kicked in the you-know-what.

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Sara Frandina is a New York-based copywriter + editor with a relentless love of words and an insatiable appetite for books, travel, and popcorn. She runs her own One Woman Shop, curing the ails of lackluster copy at sarafrandina.com while also happily serving as Content Editor + Co-Head Honcho here at OWS.

2 Comments on Weekly Finds

  1. Regina
    November 5, 2014 at 12:03 pm (5 years ago)

    Wow. That Side Hustle point is a really good one. Can’t wait to check out all of these resources. This list has some serious depth. Thank you for putting it together. Thanks so much for your kind words about my site as well.

    • Sara Frandina
      November 5, 2014 at 1:00 pm (5 years ago)

      Thanks for commenting, Regina! And thanks for consistently putting out stellar content.


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