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We’ve all heard the adage “better done than perfect.” Wanting things to be perfect before you launch is normal and understandable, but makes it tough to actually get your product out the door and into the world. Hubspot offers a look at their formula for When “Good Enough” is Good Enough.

If you’ve ever fallen prey to Imposter Syndrome and feel like you’re not a ‘real’ professional or businesswoman, don’t worry. It turns out Nobody Knows What the Hell They Are Doing.

In this day and age, email is the lifeblood of business, and nowhere is that truer than in small businesses (like One Woman Shops, ahem). If you sometimes feel like you’re drowning in email or not handling it in the most efficient or professional manner, here are 9 Rules For Emailing From Google Exec Eric Schmidt.

If you’re looking for a new blog to read to help beef up your freelance business, I highly recommend Brennan Dunn’s site: Double Your Freelancing. The free articles on his blog are super useful, and he also has an e-course series aimed specifically at helping freelancers learn how to grow their businesses and make more money.

As business owners, I’m sure we’ve all struggled with work/life balance. I still struggle with it. But in an increasingly plugged-in world, some argue that the balance we should be focusing on is online/offline, ensuring that some of our time (both at home and at work) is spent doing something else. Erica Ariel Fox takes a look at this in her article Is “Never Offline” Good for Business, or Life?

If your One Woman Shop is product-based, and you’ve been thinking about venturing into wholesale relationships, Clare Yuille at the Indie Retail Academy has some excellent e-books and classes to help walk you through the process. Her blog is also well worth a read.

This is somewhat short notice, but if you are a solopreneur or freelancer, there’s a great conference coming up in Austin, Texas just for you. The Freelance Conference is a one-day event on October 28th, full of panels and workshops tailored especially for those with the dream of freedom, better income, and the ability to control our own careers.

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Amanda Cobb is a freelance graphic designer based in Austin, TX. She’s been running her own business for eight years, and loves helping other small businesses develop their branding. She also dabbles in lifestyle blogging, screen printing, reading as many books as she can, and occasional experiments in cooking.

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