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We love Alexandra Franzen's stance on urgency: "I don’t assign 'urgent' projects to my assistant. I don’t work with people who operate in a perpetual state of self-created drama. And I don’t play with people who blow things out of proportion."

Natasha of SystemsRock shares some of our core beliefs in her Do Less, Be More Productive post- like encouraging you to stop desperately searching for balance.

Ready to build a media kit but looking for some great examples? Jeni of The Blog Maven compiled a helpful roundup of media kits- complete with screenshots.

Remember: income is not always directly related to effort- and other important money/entrepreneurship reminders from Laura of Create as Folk (thanks to XO Sarah for drawing our attention to the post!).

Don't let ambition get the best of you. As Maxie says, "I’ve had these moments– the one where I want something so terribly bad it not only consumes my thoughts, conversations and goals, but it causes me concern too."

Have a skill you want to share or learn? Don't miss Oh My Handmade Goodness' Oh My! Skill Swap.

Here's what getting blown off says about you.

And some highlights from the past few weeks: One Woman Shop founder Cristina Roman on the Go Fire Yourself podcast chatting about solopreneurship and being laid-off, Katja Hunter shares her multipassionate story, Ashley Brooks experiments with using the Covey Time Management Matrix, we share some best practices on email marketing from some creative female entrepreneurs, we introduce a productivity e-course, and Nidhi Thapar of Live in the Grey encourages you to blend- not balance- your work and your life.

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