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Welcome to Tools We Love, where we highlight some of the tools that make us more efficient, productive, and effective in our businesses. Have a tool that you want to share with the community? Email us!

File this one under "yet another tool that we use almost every day." Click to Tweet is a super handy free (with a premium option) tool that lets you create pre-drafted tweets and share them with other people. The benefit? You control the message and you save the other person time- only they do is click Send. Sounds like a win-win to us!

Just like FollowerWonk, Click to Tweet can be a really valuable tool even if you're not crazy about Twitter.

Here's the gist, direct from Click to Tweet (cue The Jackson Five)...

    1. Write the message that you want others to share in the box
    2. Click the "Generate New Link" button to create a custom link
    3. Share the link and track the activity of each link over time

Where to include Click to Tweets:

    • Blog posts
    • Email signature
    • Emails (both personal ones and ones to your email list)
    • Powerpoint slides
    • Twitter (not gonna lie, just thought of this one- ha!)

Some ideas for when to use Click to Tweet:

    • If you're launching a new website or product: we provided pre-drafted tweets to all OWS ambassadors and contributors before our launch. We also used CTT when we launched our solo business calendar recently!
    • If you're doing a speaking gig: include the Click to Tweet on the first page of your slides to encourage attendees to share that they're there- this is great for personal and professional branding. Be sure to include your Twitter handle and the event hashtag, if applicable. We recommend plugging your Click to Tweet link into and editing it to make it short and memorable
    • Within your blog posts: create tweets based around the most important points in your post, hyperlink key phrases with the CTT link, and include a little note that lets readers know they can click to tweet the message
    • When you interview anyone on your site: just conducted an interview on your blog or podcast? Email the person with a pre-drafted tweet and ask them to send it to their followers- one of the main benefits of interviews is cross-promotion anyway, right?
    • If you're promoting a charity: remember when we went to Honduras with Habitat and held a Pay What It's Worth sale to fundraise? We included a little message and a pre-drafted tweet in our email signature for several months before the trip

And a bonus: if you look below, you'll notice a box with a pre-drafted tweet, ready for you to send out to all of your followers. See what we did there? So meta 🙂 We use the Click to Tweet WordPress plugin to create these stylish and prominent little boxes.

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