There Are People Out There Who Will Benefit from Your Knowledge

If there's one lesson that keeps getting drilled in to my head in business, it's this: there's at least one person out there who doesn't already know everything you have to teach.

Friends and family can attest to the fact that I freak out before every speaking engagement because I'm nervous that all of the attendees will already know everything I plan to talk about.

And you know how many times that's been true, at least to my knowledge? Zero. Even the individuals in the audience who seem the most likely to be bored by my content often tell me in person or via Twitter how much they learned.

I worry about it before publishing marketing primers or Motivation Monday posts here on One Woman Shop too, because this content tends to be the most basic.

But even if your client, customer, or reader does know everything? They probably need reminders. For example, I know about 90% of what Nathalie Lussier talks about in her 30 Day List Building Challenge, but I sure am thankful to learn the new 10% and to be reminded about the other 90%.

As Sarah Von Bargen says, what seems obvious to you could help someone else:

It’s obvious (to me) that I should end blog posts with questions to engage my readers and create a sense of community. You haven’t been blogging for five years? It’s not your fault you don’t know.

It’s obvious (to me) that I should @mention people on Twitter when I write about them on my blog. But maybe my clients don’t know that.

For ages, I didn’t share these obvious insights with anyone. It seemed insulting to state what (to me) seemed readily apparent! But...I’ve changed my tune."

Has this helped you change your tune? I hope so- time to go share that knowledge with the world!

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Cristina Roman is the Founder and Co-Head Honcho of One Woman Shop (the awesome site you're on right now). When she’s not working on One Woman Shop, she takes salsa classes, listens to NPR podcasts, drinks too much coffee, and explores her stomping grounds of Antigua, Guatemala. Find her on and over on her coaching website.
  1. Danielle says:

    This was a great reminder and something I struggle with! I’m always afraid that I’m not offering enough or that my suggestions are too simple, but I often find I’m way ahead of myself. My clients are on all different levels, but I always have something to offer them.

  2. I agree, someone can learn from you. Learning how to share knowledge effectively is another factor.

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