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halley gray evolve and succeed

Hi Halley! Tell us about yourself and your business.

I'm Halley Gray, founder + marketing strategist at Evolve and Succeed. I work with online freelancers and business owners (who need clients) to get them booked out in advance. My clients go from struggling to being booked out (up to 8 months). Marketing at its core is persuasiveness. The ability to make your customer feel understood, liked and excited which in turn makes them buy more.

Are there any things commonly accepted as truths in the business world that you flat out disagree with?

That making 6 figures is viable for most first-year, first-time business owners. If you're new to your industry, running a business and being online then there's no freaking way that's possible. If you make enough to cover your bills and not go in debt then you're a success in my eyes.

If you could do just one piece of your business forever, what would it be?

It would be listening to people talk about their businesses and helping them come up with new ways to sell their stuff easier (and with more sales) each time.

If you had to describe yourself or your business in one word, what would it be?


What is the #1 lesson you've learned since being in business on your own?

That great sleep is expensive and that money doesn't buy happiness but definitely great mental health.

What's your one piece of advice for new solo business owners?

The first year is tough but keep flexible and experimenting. I really do recommend getting custom marketing help so that you can sell better.

How has running a business changed you?

It's boosted my confidence! I was pretty out-going before but now I've started doing amateur comedy stand-up nights and I love it! (Although it makes me wanna puke every time.)

Give us a shameless plug for your latest project/product/freebie!

I'm booked out for the next 6 months but I'm running in-person workshops on getting you more clients and booked out in advance in DC, Portland and San Francisco this September. Grab a ticket if you want more clients.

Editor's note: Halley's e-course, Supercharged Sales Pages, is now available! 

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