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Remember my last tennis-related epiphany? I'm back with another one for you, which occurred to me as I was playing tennis the other morning (perks of running a solo business- mid-morning workouts!).

I noticed that often the difference between hitting and missing a ball is one small step.

Think about this in terms of your business: how much more could you accomplish with one more step?

What if you sent an auto-responder to everyone who buys one of your products introducing them to your other products? What if you directly emailed people who tweet you to form a more personal connection instead of just keeping the relationship on Twitter? What if you included a Click to Tweet in every blog post to expand your reach? What if you sent a handwritten card with every order from your Etsy store?

Maybe the number of orders for your older e-courses would go up. Maybe your email list would grow. Maybe you'd find a great accountability partner. Maybe you'd get some awesome press for your solo business.

Today, I encourage you to take just one more step in everything business-related you do and see if it pays off (literally or figuratively).

grow your community online

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Cristina Roman is the Founder and Co-Head Honcho of One Woman Shop (the awesome site you're on right now). When she’s not working on One Woman Shop, she takes salsa classes, listens to NPR podcasts, drinks too much coffee, and explores her stomping grounds of Antigua, Guatemala. Find her on and over on her coaching website.
  1. Suzi says:

    I love this way of thinking of this- just one extra step. Its not so overwhelming that way! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jess says:

    So true! I once commented on a blog of a big name person (or, at least fairly big)… and he EMAILED ME. It blew me away! He didn’t try to sell anything, but just responded to my comment. I send little care packages to clients after we wrap up, and they loooooooove it!

  3. LOVE this post! I try to do this a bit already (personal email when someone subscribes to my list, postcards & surprise gifts to my clients) but I really love all your ideas in here for going that one more step all over the place — thanks!

  4. Andrew says:

    This is the key to a successful solo-business. Although I might reframe it from the perspective of: what’s one more step I can take to add value to this business and its customers? That way when I’m thinking about what I can do, it’s not necessarily for ME but for the people I’m trying to serve.

    Great post!

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