We often catch ourselves thinking that Google is always the answer. But it's not- and here's why that's a good thing for you and your solo business.

It's true that pretty much every question can be answered on Google (in fact, we just talked about our love of Googling the other day). Googling "How do I set up email reminders for myself" pops up BoomerangMemo to Me, NudgeMail, and several other relevant email management tools.

Googling "how to pair boots with a dress" results in tons of advice from Harper's Bazaar, MSN, SheKnows, and many others about how to wear boots with dresses.

Googling "how to integrate MailChimp with Google Analytics" shows some pretty handy tutorials on how to do just that.

So, yes, all of these answers are on Google- but what if your target client or customer had no idea that there were external add-ons to help them manage their email? Or that pairing boots with dresses was a cute option? Or that you could connect MailChimp and Google Analytics to get more advanced data?

Then they wouldn't be Googling those things. But if you're in front of them telling them about these things, they're going to more likely to follow you, trust you, and hopefully even hire you when they need someone who specializes in productivity and systems, a wardrobe stylist, or an SEO expert.

Keep that in mind next time you feel like your content creation or curation is all for nothing.

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