Just a quick email to let you know that the women of Small Business Bodyguard, a legal resource for small business owners and bloggers, are giving $50 off this weekend only with the coupon code ICON.

The resource guide is normally $275, but you can get it before Monday for $225.

Wondering why you should make the investment?

  • If you just paid a bunch of money in taxes this year, you'll want to be proactive about saving money next year- SBB can help.
  • Have a website? There may be disclaimers that you're missing- SBB can help.
  • Are you hiring contractors, forming partnerships, or working with clients and confused about how to structure your relationship? SBB can help with that too!

Get it now and spread the word!

We are an affiliate of Small Business Bodyguard and will receive a commission on sales made through these links. As always, we only promote products that we believe are valuable to you! 

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