A Tennis Analogy for Your Solo Business

tennis analogy for business

tennis analogy for business

I play tennis regularly (it's one of my favorite ways to decompress, get outside, and get moving) and I had a little epiphany on the court the other night.

Sometimes when I'm out there, I get a bit super lazy and only go for balls that come pretty much right to me. When I notice myself doing this, I set a little challenge for myself: for the next 20 balls that bounce on my side, I have to make moves to hit every single one of them, even if it feels like a stretch.

As I'm sure you would expect, it definitely helps. I'd wager a bet that I get approximately 673% more solid strokes in than when I don't move- funny how that works!

The other night, as I was on my "must at least attempt" 20-ball streak, I got a ball that I knew I could never return. For you tennis players or dabblers, it was right up in the corner by the net, so it required some quick movement, some fancy footwork, and some serious lunging. But lo and behold, I was able to return it.

The business lesson, in case you don't give a darn about sports stories: commit yourself and go for those long shots (literal or figurative ones).

Want to start guest posting more? Reach out to 20 new websites or blogs without fear of rejection. Want to give seminars in your area? Reach out to 20 organizations and pitch them. Want to build your email list? Reach out directly to 20 individuals that you think would benefit from your services- don't wait for them to come to you (just like I didn't wait for that ball to come to me- see what I did there?!).

You never know what might end up being a home run (oops, mixed up my sports metaphors) winning shot.

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Cristina Roman is the Founder and Co-Head Honcho of One Woman Shop (the awesome site you're on right now). When she’s not working on One Woman Shop, she takes salsa classes, listens to NPR podcasts, drinks too much coffee, and explores her stomping grounds of Antigua, Guatemala. Find her on and over on her coaching website.

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