Ugh. How the heck is it time to do taxes AGAIN? Didn't we just do this crap last year?

Well, this year I have some tips to help you punch those taxes in their stupid face so you can get back to doing what you do best--actually running your business! Some of these are applicable this year, and some of them you need to start doing to make your taxes next year even easier!

Use good accounting software

Seriously, this is the #1 thing you need to start doing to make your taxes less of a pain in your behind. Whether you choose GoDaddy Bookkeeping, Freshbooks, Wave, or something else, you need to keep track of your money!

Why is this better than an Excel spreadsheet?

Because these programs pull your info from your bank accounts, Paypal, Etsy, credit card, and more and help you organize it all! No running home from the store and typing things in a spreadsheet before you forget, it's already there in your accounting software!

Take your organizing online

Even with your accounting software, you're likely going to end up with paper receipts--and you don't wanna toss them because what if you still NEED them? And what about all those online receipts? What the heck do you do with those?

Enter: Shoeboxed.

I actually just found out about this service, but holy cow is it awesome! You can store all your receipts online--no more disorganized folders stuffed with random receipts or saving emailed receipts in your Gmail--you can scan, clip, email, or even snail mail your receipts into Shoeboxed! And yes, the IRS will accept this in case you ever are actually audited!

Use DIY tax software

If you're using a bookkeeping service like Freshbooks or GoDaddy Bookkeeping, your income and expenses are already organized--you just need to plug the numbers into something like TurboTax. I don't know why you'd file any other way when Turbo Tax and H&R Block at Home make it so easy! Just answer a few simple questions, plug in some numbers, and ta-da! You're done!

Hire someone

Look, sometimes it's better NOT to DIY. Maybe you're too busy, maybe you don't know where to start, maybe even TurboTax can't handle the crazy you're throwing at it this year- why not let someone else file those taxes for you?

It's not the cheapest option, but you'll know they've been done correctly and you can get back to more important things. Like Netflix.

I've heard great things about Amy Kerr CPA and Sweeter CPA- check these ladies out and see if they can make your tax filing worries disappear!

Get to it

Stop putting your taxes off- it's getting close to April 15- I know, I know, you still have a month. But waiting until the last minute is asking for trouble! Carve out some time THIS coming week to at least get started on your taxes--trust me, doing them the night before they're due is no fun.

How're you punching your taxes in the face this year? Let us know in the comments!

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