As a solopreneur, aiming for higher profits can often mean working twice as hard and twice as much. There are endless ways to expand your business - marketing campaigns, affiliate structures, social media posts, networking events, referrals. You can spend so much time trying everything, only to find that a few things actually work. But, that’s time you’d rather be spending with your family or at a yoga class, right?

To me, there is a systematic and absolute way to increase your income.

We were taught that we must work harder, or work more, in order for our bank accounts to have more money. But, I've found that is actually not the system at all. This system I’ve outlined includes an introduction to the Universal Law, the Law of Receiving, as well as practical, obvious steps for you to apply the Law in your business, right where it is, so that you can stop putting in so many hours and start bringing in the money you deserve.

The Law of Receiving is well-known as the Law of Cause and Effect, which states that "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." Or, in this case, for everything you give in service of others, you will generate a return.

There is a very specific way to apply the Law to your business, and I’ve outlined that system for you in three steps below.

This system can be used no matter what income level you are starting at, and it can be applied every time you desire to increase your income in the future.

Step #1. Give something of great value to others.

To receive anything, you must first give. This is how you have received all things up until now. For example, you give your time and talents in a “day-job” serving someone else, whether it be an employer or a customer. Because you are giving something that serves someone else, you open yourself to receiving -- in this case, a paycheck. If you work more hours, you serve more, which then breeds a larger dollar amount on your paycheck.

The same is true for increasing your income as an entrepreneur, except you don’t have to increase your hours. You simply must figure out a way to serve more people, in a bigger way.

I suggest for my private clients to look through all of the things they have already created - workbooks, blog posts, checklists, videos, etc., and share just one of those things.

My tip: My favorite things to give away are tools that I’ve created to help myself improve an area of my life. For example, you can download my Weekly Productivity Workbook, which I created to help myself stay focused on the most important tasks I can complete every day.

Step #2. Give it to people who want it, need it, and are in the position to use it.

If you go into a homeless community and hand out budgeting worksheets, people are probably not going to use them. But, if you teach a group of homeless people how to make and sell jewelry, you’ve given them something that holds the potential to change their life.

Your focus is to look at what you can give and say, “Where are there mass amounts of people who need this, want this, and are in the position to use it?” Go there, and give those people the valuable item or tool.

My tip: The thing you’re giving away is not your entire product or service. It can, however, be a part of your service, like a worksheet or exercise that is useful on its own.

Step #3. Receive gifts in a specific way.

It is so important to provide a clear gateway for receiving. For example, if you give away worksheets about your unique system for keeping a food journal, but you don’t provide a clear way for people to reach you or learn more, you cut off both their learning and your receiving.

What you receive is not always a direct line from the people you give to. Many outside opportunities will drop in simply because the Law desires to bring you good from every possible channel.

My tip: If you’re not sure what to ask for, here’s a quick chart to help you:

If you want…

  • More private clients
  • To speak on stage to women
  • To sell your product through Whole Foods
  • To publish your book through a major publishing house

Then ask for…

  • Referrals
  • Contacts for event & group organizers
  • Contact information for the local buyer or manager
  • Agent connections

When you give, fully expect to receive. Just remember that you do not know what form or person it will come through. Be ready to boldly ask for what you want, because opportunities will present themselves.

If you’re looking for guidance on what you can give that is of great value to others, or exactly who to give it to, post your questions below in the comments and I will happily be your guide.

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Amanda is well known for her unconventional approach to building businesses, which fosters dramatic and consistent financial results for entrepreneurs in record time. She specializes in helping entrepreneurs to create consistent cash flow in their new and growing businesses, and believes that if you’re not making money, you’re not making an impact. She is certified as a Dream Builder Coach through the Life Mastery Institute and as a Parent Coach through the Parent Coaching Institute.

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