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weekly finds

Not convinced about the value of Twitter for your business? Here are 100 facts and figures from Social Media Today- and why they matter to your business.

Nervous to reach out to a busy expert in your field? That's okay, as long as it pushes you to prepare appropriately. Selena Soo shares the dos and don'ts of getting noticed by industry VIPs.

We're suckers for Alexandra Frazen's helpful fill-in-the-blank templates on her blog- especially this one: a reality check on creating a complete business model for your business (hint: "working on a novel" isn't it).

Launching a new product or service? Don't just stick to the same old, same old Facebook posts. Amp it up a notch with these tips from Rise to the Top. Our favorite: provide tons of behind-the-scenes content (by the way, have you registered for our behind-the-scenes webinar?).

Headed out of town or away from your business for a few days? Zoe Rooney wrote a post that's jam-packed with tips for returning to an inbox that's not too overwhelming- follow her system.

Are you a sucker for learning new ways to effectively Google search? Then you will have a nerdgasm (thanks to Amy Chick for this phrase!) over on Google Inside Search, which gives you a look into Google's search engine. Don't forget to learn some time-saving new tricks while you're on the site!

Remember when The Busy Trap article came out in the New York Times? If you needed even more reasons why the busy trap is no good, here are five pitfalls of busyness.

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