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If you're putting yourself out there, you will get negative feedback at some point. Don't let a bad apple spoil the bunch, as they say- here is how authors (and everyone else) should deal with a bad review.

A simple but important message: stop insulting your clients and customers.

Think market research is just for the big guys? Think again- here's why market research is critical to the success of your small business- and this piece comes from one of our new favorite sites, Small Business Bonfire!

If you're doing a speaking gig any time soon, take note of these 5 tips for kicking your presentation up a notch (especially in front of a social media savvy crowd).

Are you stuck in Amateur-Ville? Here are 10 signs from The Rule Breakers Club that you're not playing in the big leagues yet (#timelyworldseriesjokes).

If you're reaching out to a potential client or partner on LinkedIn, here's how to draft a message that will actually get read.

And some highlights from this week on One Woman Shop: step-by-step instructions on how to get introduced on LinkedIn, 5 things to do before you discontinue a product or service offering, 4 ways you know it's time to part ways with a client- and how to prevent these tough situations in the future, how to write a kick-ass bio, 5 things in business that won't complete you, and 5 ways to jazz up your web copy.

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