Motivation Monday: Find Your Ideal Work Day

Join us every Monday morning for Motivation Monday, where we share a helpful “homework” assignment that gives your business a creative boost and gets you thinking (and moving) outside the box each week.

Work days not panning out exactly how you'd like them or feel like you're just racing through the day without purpose or direction? Take time this morning to sketch out what an ideal day would look like for you.

Things to consider:

    • What are all of the workday components that are important to you?
    • When you engage in marketing, like managing your social media and sending out PR pitches to get you and your business publicity?
    • Will you take time to participate in communities like One Woman Shop?
    • Will you handle things like blog posts day-by-day or in chunks?
    • Is involving yourself in your local community through activism or volunteerism important to you?
    • Will you divide your days by "communication days" and "execution days"?

We love this My Ideal Work Day printable from Lazy Owl Boutique- normally, we're 99% digital, but this is one area where we benefit from using a pen and paper. Jump over to the site to download it- consider printing multiple copies if you like your days varied- and get to work scribbling your ideal work day- morning reading time? Mid-afternoon yoga session? A late afternoon Candy Crush session? An evening spent watching Friends? Whatever it may be, make it yours.

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