By now, everyone knows the benefits of having a mentor (right?!). But have you ever considered having a Board of Directors for your solo business? Corporations have them and non-profit organizations have them, so why not you?

Let's face it, it can get overwhelming running a business on your own- sometimes you want feedback on your latest website, a new perspective on your branding, an outsiders' view of how to handle a difficult client, or just the knowledge that someone out there is dedicated to your success.

Some considerations:

    • Will you officially ask people to join your Board of Directors or will you keep it to yourself?
    • 6-8 people is generally a good size- too many more and there's too many cooks in the metaphorical kitchen. Too few and there likely won't be enough diversity
    • Consider reaching out to people who work with, are familiar with, or are in your target demographic- they'll be better equipped to help you effectively
    • Think about the various areas of your business, like marketing, financial, legal, manufacturing, writing, etc and find someone who is stellar at it: the insanely organized person who has a system for everything, the person who has a way with words, the person who can put together a cohesive brand strategy that perfectly captures your intentions
    • Think about the complementary personality traits that you’ll need. For example, it might be beneficial to have both a person who will cheer you up and a person who will give it to you straight
    • Make it worth it for your Board of Directors by offering to write them a recommendation on LinkedIn, connect them with your network, or promote their work on your social media accounts. And remember that a handwritten note goes a long way in this digital age!
    • This is probably not the right time to cold-email someone for the first time. Reach out to people you have an established relationship with

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Do you have a personal Board of Directors? If not, how do you plan to find one?

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