(7 More) Things to Do When There’s Nothing to Do

Do you feel like it's feast or famine in your solo business? You're definitely not alone- we all deal with up and down periods, especially at the beginning. Lauren Caselli recently shared five tips for what to do when there's nothing to do in your business, but we're back with even more ideas for you that will keep your business in order, expand your network, and help you maintain your sanity.

Connect with your email subscribers: When's the last time you did a little research on the people on your email list? Look through the list, Google search each name, find their email address, and shoot them a quick personal email. Don't have an email list? Set one up now!

Go through Twitter followers and Facebook likes: Your followers and those who like your Facebook page only see a fraction of the things you post- ensure that they see everything by finding their email address and asking if you could add them to your email list. Follow back the accounts that you find beneficial.

Recategorize your blog: Having a streamlined system of categories and tags on your blog ensures that people can actually find content that is relevant to their interests. Don't overdo it with categories and tags- how will readers know which one to click if there's a bunch that are essentially the same thing? Be consistent- use SEO or Search Engine Optimization, but not both. Here's a great resource on how to use tags effectively.

Clear off computer desktop: Is your desktop covered with downloads, documents, and screenshots? Organize them to speed up your computer and ensure that you can easily find items.

Update WordPress plugins: If you're using WordPress for your blog or website, you should be using plugins for added functionality. Unfortunately, they can become outdated quickly, so take a few minutes to update them regularly.

Add new contacts on LinkedIn: If you've been to a networking event lately or met new business friends online, take a few minutes to keep your LinkedIn network up-to-date. You never know when you'll want one of your contacts to facilitate an introduction for you!

Add new sites to your Feedly account: We're sure you have a few tried-and-true blogs and website that you read every day, but now's the time to add a few more by searching or asking your network for their suggestions. Don't have a Feedly account yet? Sign up now!

P.S. If you like these suggestions, be sure to download our Nothing to Do printable- just print, cut along the dotted lines, and pick out one of our suggestions when you have some down time in your business!

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