As freelancers and solopreneurs, we love to use LinkedIn to build and maintain our professional network, but we understand why many people don't see a ton of value in it- especially if they're only popping up a profile and then stepping away. In our opinion, LinkedIn's Get Introduced feature is one of the most underutilized functionalities of the site.

Wondering how it works? Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to make use of the Get Introduced feature:

  1. On LinkedIn, search for the person that you would like to be introduced to- maybe it's a potential client, partner, or contractor
  2. LinkedIn will tell you how many shared connections you have; click this green link to see who you are both connected to and make sure that you feel comfortable reaching out to one of themget introduced on linkedin
  3. Click the down arrow to the right of the Connect button, then select Get Introduced
    get introduced on linkedin
  4. Choose the person you (Person A) would like to have introduce you (Person B) to your target (Person C) when LinkedIn asks "Who should make the introduction?"
  5. Write a clear, concise message explaining why you would like to be connected to Person C and why you think Person B is the best person for the job
  6. Voila- you'll soon have a direct connection to Person C- and you've unofficially been given the seal of approval by Person B!

Wondering what to say in your request for an introduction? Here's what we might say:

Hi so and so,

Hope you've been doing well! I saw that you are connected to so and so and I was wondering if you would mind introducing us here on LinkedIn or via email. I've been following his/her work in xyz and would love a chance to connect with him/her directly!

Thanks so much,

Your name

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