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Meet Kate Baird of Katelyn Brooke Designs. When asked to describe her work in three words, Kate said it's "clean, classic, and laid-back. And sometimes a little preppy or ladylike (is that cheating?)."

katelyn brooke designs

In the words of Kate:

I work to create beautiful WordPress websites, mostly for creative women. Sometimes I do the whole thing from start to finish, including branding strategies and helping extend my client's brand out to their social media profiles, and other times I'm taking another designer's vision and developing it into a functional site. Variety is one of the reasons that I love what I do!

I'm a perfectionist. I want to design each project as thoroughly as possible, which means that I work really hard to make sure that the client's style is being accurately portrayed in each project. I also want to make sure that each project I work on is sustainable for the client, so I love to help clients learn how to work and update their site.

And a fun fact about Kate: she was an architecture major in college! She uses a lot of what she learned every day as a web designer.

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