Welcome to Day in the Life, where we peek into the lives and schedules of solopreneurs and freelancers. Today we’re chatting with Kit Graham, the author of The Kittchen and The Gourmet Grilled Cheese Cookbook. She began blogging in November 2011 when her husband and friends decided she needed to be sharing her recipes and set up a blog for her. In addition to writing, Kit works a full time job at Groupon where she is a regulatory compliance specialist. Kit lives in Chicago and she spends her free time exploring Chicago's many restaurants.

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7:30am: Weekday mornings begin with my husband waking me up on his way out the door. I work a fulltime job at Groupon in addition to writing The Kittchen, and fortunately my office is directly across the street from home.

7:45am: I turn on my hair straightener and start to straighten my hair in hopes that it will tame my bed head. I always have my iPhone at my side and it buzzes away with emails. I stop occasionally to read the emails as they come in. I am obsessed with having an empty inbox. I see an email from Stef from 300 Sandwiches, telling me that she featured one of my sandwiches on her site. Stef has received lots of national press about her site, so this will be good exposure for The Kittchen. Excited about this news, I call my mom. I put the phone on speaker so I can continue straightening as we chat.

8:15am: I check my email one more time before leaving the house, and respond to a couple emails from the publicist I hired to promote my cookbook, The Gourmet Grilled Cheese Cookbook.

8:30am: Normally I grab a yogurt on my way out the door to eat at my desk, but I remember that my favorite doughnut truck is scheduled to be outside today. My friend runs Chicago's Food Truck Finder Twitter feed, and I pay close attention to the schedule for my block. I stop at The Doughnut Vault Van, which is conveniently parked within the 30 feet between my home and office. I get their special doughnut of the day, which is a giant vanilla doughnut with chocolate glaze and sprinkles. I post a photo on Instagram before I dig in. I like to joke that if it isn't on Instagram it didn't happen.

8:35am: I arrive at Groupon and my morning flies by.

12:00pm: I am home for lunch, this is my favorite part of not commuiting. On Tuesdays at lunchtime I participate in a Twitter chat with the Chicago Blogger Network. Today the chat topic is desserts, so I am especially excited. I start heating up the beef and bacon chili I made yesterday and start chatting. Between answering questions in the chat I set up props so I can take photos of my lunch. Once the chili is hot, I pour it into a bowl and take a few photos. I eat my lunch while chatting on Twitter and downloading the photos I just took. I quickly edit the photos and add them the chili post I had written the night before. I publish my post and head back to work.

12:30pm: I go back to work and finish out a busy day at Groupon.

4pm: I take a quick break to call the company printing my cookbook to check on the status of the proof. They assure me that it will arrive this week.

5:15pm: I leave work and head to Plum Market. Plum Market is a new upscale grocery store in Chicago. They invited me for a private tour with their concierge. In an attempt to network, I say “Yes” to absolutely every invitation I receive, which means I attend 3-5 meetings or events like this each week. My friend Jenn joins me for the tour, which is nice because it lets me combine work and spending time with one of my best friends. As we tour the store I am looking for inspiration for future recipe posts. I am never more than 3 days ahead on my blog, and I post everyday, so I always need to think up new recipes.

6:30pm: The tour of the store comes to an end. They offer to let me and Jenn have some snacks from their prepared food areas to enjoy at their wine bar. I am very hungry and am happy to try out several different dishes from the hot bar. I love red wine and have a glass with my snacks. My snack selection consists of 6 small scoops of items from the hot bar, which don’t make any sense all together but I don’t mind. Jenn and I decide that we love the Corn and Bacon Salad. Once we finish I thank my tour guides, say good night to Jenn, and then head back through to store to do some shopping.

7:00pm: I pick up a bottle of red wine, some short ribs, milk and eggs. My fridge happens to be very well stocked at the moment so I don't need very much. I pay for my groceries and grab a cab home. It is a beautiful fall evening in Chicago, and my cabbie is very friendly. Cab drivers in Chicago are so nice and I always love chatting with them. We talk about all the new construction in Lincoln Park and River North, and the new Target that is about to open. I wonder if the Target will have the new Phillip Lim bags in stock when it opens on Sunday, and consider waiting in line for the opening to try and grab one.

7:30pm: I arrive at home. My husband is hanging out watching Breaking Bad, which he recently became addicted to. I wanted to watch it with him, but I was too busy so he started without me. I unpack my groceries and tell Charles all about my tour at Plum Market, and the giant doughnut I ate earlier. I am constantly telling him about the food trucks. I take a quick shower, put on pajamas and pour myself a (large) glass of wine. My husband has waited for me to come home so we can watch Brooklyn Ninety-Nine and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. together.

8pm: I settle in on the couch with the wine and my laptop, and tell Charles that he is in charge of fast forwarding through any commercials. I make sure he fast-forwards through any ads for Gravity because they give me major anxiety. It drives my husband nuts that I am always on my laptop when we watch TV, but I need to multitask. I use the time to I work on the next day’s blog post, reply to any outstanding emails and respond to Twitter chatter.

11pm: I switch my iPhone to airplane mode and collapse into bed.

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